Calling All Neo Cabby Owners!

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  1. the lv boutique gave me conflicting info on the dimensions of the cabby bag & i was hoping someone could give me the actual dimensions of the gm and mm? also, is the bag narrower at top, if so, what is the width on both sizes? thanks!
  2. check eluxury, they currently have both sizes and detailed descriptions as well.
  3. that's what was odd, lv boutique gave me different info than eluxury. can anyone confirm that the dimensions on eluxury is accurate?
  4. it is strange. if you look on and ... they give two different measurements. Sorry I can't help ya yet.. waiting for mine to arrive.
  5. That is odd that they have different measurements....
  6. what size are you leaning towards? I want one just not sure what size to get.
  7. i have no idea^^^would like to know the exact measurements as it is hard to tell with pics...the gm size look just right on tiramisu but then gigantic on another girl(forgot the name)

    was hoping a cabby owner could measure theres on this forum...
  8. If you call 1866 VUITTON customer service will give you the exact measurments. I too was told incorrect measurements for the bag and when I called the above number, the rep told me that LV had the wrong measurements of the mm listed as far as its height. Unfortunately, I do not recall what she gave me but it was shorter than what was listed on their site at that time.
  9. I measured's about 10 1/2 inches high and 15 inches in length. Hope this helps!!
  10. thanks so much, the mystery is solved!:yahoo:
  11. YAY!!! Glad I could help!!