Calling all Neo Cabby owners- eluxury delivery weird!!

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  1. Hello!!

    I received the Neo Cabby MM from elux and I have to say I'm seriously suspicious this bag was USED before arriving. :confused1: The bag is very "worn in" feeling and slightly grayish looking. The straps look OK, but it arrived without any outer plastic covering, NO TAGS INSIDE!!!, and almost no stuffing. What stuffing there was inside was very ratty looking around the edges. Also, the hardware on the sides has a slight patina for lack of a better description. Maybe they all have this. I was able to pass through an LV this past weekend, and their Neo Cabby looked only slightly better as far as the actual denim was still pretty worn in and grayish, so maybe this is just the way it's supposed to be, hard to tell about the hardware patina though under the bright store lights it was too hard to see.

    I dunno what I think. I like it, it's comfortable on shoulder but what to do about the missing tags, etc. Think I should send it back for a new one and see if that is any better? I almost bought one in LV but I really didn't want to have TWO..... They also didn't have the GM size in the store, which I wanted to see to compare size and see if it was any blacker looking..... Confused....
  2. if you're not happy with it return it and reorder it or go into LV and make your purchase.
  3. The black does have a sort of worn/grayish look to it -- but you should definitely exchange it (if you like it at all) -- get one w/the tags and plastic on the hardware.
  4. The black does have a grayish look, but more important, you should have tags, call eluxury at once!!!
  5. The one's I saw are more of a faded gray/black... I'd return it if your not happy, it should have tags and plastic covered hardware for sure.
  6. Well it SHOULD have a tag or two... but it doesn't have to come with plastic around the handles. I am confused by your description of the bag's condition... you said there's a patina, but you also said it's greyish in color. Is it the Black or Blue cabby?

    If you aren't happy, exchange it for another one... or simply return it.
  7. I just bought a neo cabby from elux... It came with 2 tags, care booklet, and an attached tag on the dustbag. If you don't want to return the bag you can contact elux and tell them about the missing tags and they will send it to you. Also the tarnished effect of the hardware is normal. I believe it is made out of aged brass.
  8. i'd exchange it. last year i ordered mine off elux too and there was peeling on the hardware and a scratch on the footing. they exchanged it and i received a perfect one.

    Was the blue plastic covering the zipper pull? inspect it again and then contact elux
  9. thats what i was just gonna say :smile:
  10. Exactly- aged brass that describes it perfectly so I feel better. The plastic was on the zipper pull, so maybe it's OK. It is the black Neo Cabby, but it's the worn in black, KWIM, so it looks grayish around the edges and where the LVs are on the denim... I think I will return it just due to the fact there are NO tags. Not even on the dust bag like there usually are or inside....weird. It almost has to be a return that someone either used or just didn't return the tags. But I'd feel better, and if I ever want to sell it, I'd need them....

    Thanks everyone!! I appreciate the advice
  11. Yes, thae hardware is the "aged" goldtone, the look of patina, that is normal