Calling all naturel bbag owners!!

  1. Help, i need to decide quick on my first bbag! x)

    Do you all face trouble maintaining a naturel bbag?

    Do you all still love the color till now? Or are considering for a replacement of the new marine/ glacier bleu color?

    Does it get dirty easily? (I read from the past threads that it's suppose to be a better alt for white bbag in regards to this aspect)

    Ohh Im soooo excited! PLs help! :yahoo:
  2. geez help help anyone ?? =(
  3. I have the Natural Work w/GH and i love it. Look at my avatar. :yahoo: It is versatile and you can easily match it with any thing. As far as getting it dirty, i am very careful with my bags so it all depends on you. If you want some thing very neutral and easy to use it is the best color in my book so far. Good luck!:smile:
  4. What Nanaz said! I love mine. The color is perfect, not too light, and the leather is gorgeous. I haven't had mine long enough for it to show any dirt but I'm really careful with mine as well and might even be a little paranoid with this one. I'm a bit worried about the handles darkening so I wash my hands a billion times a day! I am not into the blue glacier color so no comparison for me.
  5. I want a natural work with GH! LOVE IT!! I can't seem to find any
  6. It's gorgeous Spray it with Apple Guard, especially the handles, corners and areas around the zippers. Repeat that once a month, remove any surface dirt with a damp rag, it should be fine. I have lots of white bags and they all stay pretty and clean looking.
    Natural is a great color. It goes with everything.

  7. D Girl - Barneys in Dallas has 2-3 natural works w/gh. I believe a couple of other stores have them as well.
  8. I just bought the city in Nat. and I love it!

    I had a white Weekender, but I sold it to my BFF since I was in Law School and was in constant fear of other peoples pens and highlighters. :hysteric:

    I think the Nat is a great color and seems to be less high maintenance than the white. I am thinking of getting a new weekender in the Argile/sandstone/Toffe color.

    The nat is super sexy like white, but not as worrysome.

    Go for it, you won't be sorry!!:heart:
  9. i love my naturel city! it's perfect for use with any outfit, and it's not going to get as dirty as quick as a white bag. i've used mine a few times, and it's still like brand new!
  10. I have the City in Natural with regular hardware and absolutely adore it. I love it more and more each time I use it. :smile: I've only had it a couple weeks but no dirt problems so far. The color is light but not super light and goes with so much. I've noticed other women staring at it quite a bit when I'm out at stores. It's so pretty lol.
  11. I bought a Work in Naturel. I tend to wear jeans on a daily basis...and the leather just rubs on the denim and absorbs the dye. Not a pretty picture.