Calling all Naturel and Greige owners!!!

  1. Can you post pics of either your naturel or greige bbags or together if your lucky enough to have both:yes: thanks x
  2. I will be getting Natural Shoulder next week and then I'll post pick of it with my Greige First.
  3. I only have Griege, but I love it!!!

    powderpuff has both tho .... she has a thread with comparison pics on here somewhere ...
  4. oops! here's the pic!

  5. ^thanks queenvictoria2 - some pics I have seen griege looks creamy and others like yours it looks more grey IRL is it more creamy or grey?
  6. Here is a pic of my Greige First.
  7. MRG - your first looks completely different to qv2's it looks really creamy and less shiny I :heart: it!!!
  8. Here's mine! In natural light she's a little creamier, more like MRG's...this was taken with a flash.

  9. Thanks! I LOVE it but I hate to say I have not used it yet. I'm sure I will as soon as I treat the handles so they don't get dark.

  10. Yes, mine is more Grey!!
    I have seen smoother ones that look creamy also but I like mine :p
  11. I have a Natural First and used to have a Greige Purse :yes: The natural is more creamy than Greige - a lot lighter with no grey to it. Powderpuff posted some comparison pics a while ago........I'll see if I can find the thread ;)
  12. here's my greige twiggy. (photo taken in natural light):

  13. here's my greige twiggy. (photo taken w/ flash):

  14. Here is my naturel twiggy