Calling all muse lovers! New fall styles!

  1. i've been wanting a black large muse for a while now. I've been debating over black patent and black leather. The only black patents available are the oversize or small; until this morning! I called the beverly hills store and they just received the large muse in black patent and black embossed patent (looks like crocodile!)! she said they were gorgeous! im just going to wait for pics either on the website or Neimans??? im very exited! here's the price info for those who are intersted: (these are all for the large size muse)
    black $1295.00:yes:
    patent $1195.00:drool:
    embossed patent $1495.00:?:
  2. I just got my black patent os muse today! Very nice looking bag. I am debating on whether this is too much black patent for me. I may exchange for a chocolate os muse. Help muse experts:confused1:, what should I do?
  3. ^ Janice, I prefer Chocolate Muse. =)
  4. Chocolate. It's a great color.
  5. chocolate brings out more of the bags details
  6. What do you think about oak in os?