Calling all Monogram Groom Zippy owners!!

  1. Im about to get the zippy wallet ( green one) so cute ( i already purchased it i just need to wait to get here) ... But im wondering and extremely curious how it looks in bags and what it looks inside how big is it ? I have an idea but not really sure. PLease post Pics im dying to see what im getting..... Yeah 6 more days till my birthday!!!!!! :yahoo: Sorry wanted to include that there. :shame: PLease POst pics sorry if theres a thread like this. ONly The Green Groom Zippy Please!!! But welcome suggestions. Thanks all kisses :love:
  2. Hello Booga1003,
    I bought the groom organizer back in October; it's fairly large; about 8.5 inches long/4.5 inches tall/1 inch wide. It is beautiful and holds a lot. I hope my photos come out ... this is my first post (Hello to tpf members -- I have learned so much from this forum and wanted to share back). The last photo is of the organizer in my mini lin bucket (but it takes up a lot of room).
    zippy.jpg zippy open1.jpg zippy open2.jpg zippy in bucket.jpg
  3. wow thanks its huge!!!! i thought it was smaller but love it thanks. for sharing. :love:
  4. Dear Booga1003,
    You are very welcome. I think you will love it; it really is a work of art. If you like a larger wallet, then this is perfect for you. And if not (my wallet (non-LV) is much smaller) then I use it for travelling -- it holds your passport/ID/boarding passes and it's wonderful how it zips up so you don't have to worry about dropping things. And Happy Birthday! :smile: