Calling all Monogram die-hard fans

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  1. Would you put a vernis wallet in your mono speedy?
  2. Totally
  3. Absolutely! I mostly mix and match with my mono pieces.
  4. Of course...I used my Fuchsia vernis one nonstop for at least 2 years, didn't matter what line the bag I was using was from. Now I'm using a Groom wallet but I don't mind the mixing and matching at ALL...I actually think it's better that way.
  5. Oh yes I think it would be lovely!
  6. Yes i would.
  7. Yes I would - I also would mix MC with Monogram. I love the look. And I almost chose to buy a Vernis wallet, but I have not seen Vernis IRL yet!!!! So I can't wait to see Vernis, because I love the colors of the look of Vernis.

    Can't wait to see which vernis you get ;)
  8. I would if I was a girl!!!
  9. Yes
  10. absolutely, a little contrast especially with color will look great. I have my eye on red epi cles to go with my monogram.
  11. I love mixing prints, so yes!
  12. Sure, absolutely. While I love the idea of matching my wallet to my bag, in practice I change my bags too often to be bothered with switching my wallet every time as well. So I only own 1 wallet at a time, and I use it with whatever bag I happen to be using.
  13. Yes. Love the contrast.
  14. yeah
  15. Yes - I'm don't try to match everything.