Calling all Mono Speedy 30 owners;

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  1. As you know I purchased my speedy 30 from a "mypoupette" seller on Ebay. I thought I read somewhere that the Speedy does not have any inside pockets. Mine does. I attached a picture. Please tell me that I am wrong!!

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  2. It has to have an open pocket and under it there is the datecode. Yours is authentic don't worry!
  3. Yes,
    not to worry. All speedys have that pocket. My Poupette is very trustworthy. Its authentic.
  4. Thanks so much!!
  5. Becca put your greatest fears to rest:nuts: It does come with one inside patch pocket and a D-ring. It looks real to me. Enjoy it:love: :love: :love:
  6. That bag doesn't look that old...i don't know what to tell you...
  7. Guess I'll wait and see......I know others have bought authentic from her
  8. Wow, that bag looks great! What a deal also!! That is interesting about the pocket though. I have that particular seller on my watch list because she does list a lot of beautiful authentic pieces.

    Under the pocket in my bag, there is SD0044. What does this mean?
  9. With LV codes is a funny thing: The Letters don't mean much, the middle no. is the manufacturing year and the last probably the secret of LV. My SA explained it like this so don't nail me down on it:smile:
  10. I completely forgot that the seller included the original sales receipt. Date of sale was 6/8/04. That explains the 04 at least.
  11. hi ya
    ive got a speedy 30 and it has a pocket inside - just like the one in the pic you have shown! :smile:
  12. The first two letters are the production facility that the bag was made at. So if your bag is stamped made in USA, and your date code is, SD 0010, SD = San Dimas.

    The numbers are the month and the year that the bag was produced. So for the month, you take the first and third number, 0010, the bag was made in January. For the year, you take the second and last number, 0010 so it was made in 2000.

  13. Whoa, Miss Ayla... you know everything!! :nuts: :love:
  14. Ah I am but a humble admirer of all things Vuitton ! :shame: