Calling All Mono Speedy 30 Lovers

  1. Has this ever happened to anyone? I bought my mono Speedy 30 last September (it was my very first LV). I've loved it to death and use it a lot. I now have 9 bags in my collection and I can say for sure that dear Speedy is in the top 3 as far as usage. But lately, I look at it and find that it doesn't make my heart beat like it used to. And I feel a little guilty 'cause it's my first LVoe and this shouldn't be happening. What should I do? Can you all help me renew my LVoe :heart: and give me some Speedy 30 inspiration?
  2. I fall in and out of love with bags all the time. Just put it away for a little while and then one day you will think hmmm I think I will carry the speedy today and POOF its love all over again! I still have my Noe that was one of my first bags and I NEVER carry it and I doubt I ever will but I will keep that baby for my lifetime. Lots of love in that bag!
  3. I agree--just put it away for a little while and you'll probably fall in love with it again. I'm the same way with my speedy 30--I hadn't carried it for months and just took it out yesterday and realized what a great bag it is!
  4. You probably love all types of me.......and need to change them up ocassionally...but I still have my favorite.....MY SPEEDY 30 MONO!!!

  5. Dont use it for a while or even accessorize it with charms or a scarf!!
    But trust me,you will never get tired of your mono speedy,its a classic!
  6. don't worry, like the others said, put it away for a while and when you use it again, it's sure to make you excited all over again. which reminds me that i haven't used for speedy 30 for months! oops! but it was my first lv too, and i'm sure i'll love it forever, heehee.
  7. The love will come back! Don't worry!
  8. I have several bags as well, and like others have mentioned, sometimes you just need to take a break. So carry some of your others for a while and then come back to it. I'm sure you'll fall in love with it all over again!

    Also, sometimes you just need to jazz your bag up. A cute charm, chain or cles might do the trick also!
  9. I don't own one but its HIGH on my list -- I'm going to try and get my bf to pick one up for me in the US because they're so much cheaper ---

    Just remember back to the days I'm going through -- anticipation, the excitement to soon carry it!!! hehe It is such a beautiful and classic bag -- how can you NOT love it?
  10. Go into the LV clubhouse forum and go through every page of the speedy gonzalez section. Guaranteed your love will return.
  11. As everyone before me said - I am the SAME way. I've had my speedy for about 3 years. Every now and then I'm bored w/ it.. then 2 months later. voila! i'm in love again
  12. I know that feeling oh so well. I haven't even had my Speedy 30 for half a year, and I'm already bored with it -- so much that it's become my "throw around" bag to just take when I don't want to think too much about my bags. But because its versatility, I'm starting to realize what a great bag it is! Like others have suggested, I think I just need to put it away for a while :smile:. Let us both love our Speedies!
  13. Yep, the love will come back, trust me!!!!
  14. Thanks for all your replies, everybody! :smile::heart::smile:I'm definitely feeling less guilty about my Speedy. With lots of great ideas to try from all of you, I'm sure the LVoe will come back eventually.
  15. I love my sppedy.