Calling All Moms

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  1. I was wondering...

    Are any of you starting like a hope chest for your children or have you bought any special gifts to save and give them later? I was wondering if anyone has any great ideas.

    I have heard people buy jewelry (like charm bracelet and add charms year after year), gold, china, diamonds, sterling silver place settings, quilts, crystal etc.

    Just wondering what you are doing...please share OR, if you are not a mom yet and you have a plan of what you might do.
  2. My daughter has a pretty enviable jewelry chest for an 11 year old. We keep adding things every time we go on vacation. I don't know if it's a hope chest, though, since she knows everything that's in there and wears a lot of it for special occasions. But it's nice to watch it grow.
  3. I had a boyfriend whose parents bought a divine bottle of wine every year of his wife, then presented them all to him on his 21st birthday! I think that's a great gift, a start-up cellar!
  4. I just got my mother's hope chest two weeks ago, it has to be at least 60 years old. It needs a bit of wood polish but I will start putting things in it for my daughter. I have collected some things from my mother who passed away. Some special dishes and linens. I also tried to put away things from my Mom for special occassions. Example: a beautiful beaded purse for my daughter to wear to her prom. Something that she knows her grandmother wore and it is hers now. My best friend who is her Nana is giving her a lot of things. I am adding little things as I see them when I shop. I have put away a photo album with acid free papers of special friends she has as she is growing up and a short story of what the picture is, say a party or just play group. I also have a journal for both my children and I try to write a few pages a week. Of course I have saved her special baby clothes and beautiful dresses as she grows out of them, but these are in another chest. So you can really add so much. My one friend puts CD's of her daughter's favorite music and marks the year on it so she thinks when her daughter is about 20 they can laugh at the music.
  5. My parents went to garage sales and found all three of us sterling silver place settings. My sister was married first and so she got to pick first. etc etc. I really appreciate this. I wouldn't have a beautiful silverware set without this planning. The other thing my parents and now deceased gradparents bought was quilts. I have some beautiful quilts that my kids sleep with because of this. The best dowry, however, is a well considered investment plan. My dad pays for the kids' school - that is the best marriage gift ever.
  6. i'm chinese, and it's common for chinese parents to buy gold and stuff for their child, even families gave gold bracelets or necklaces to a newborn relatives. and my mom was planning on giving it to me on my wedding day. i also got a buddha jade pendant that i adored from my grandma.
    it's such a great idea to collect some special things as well like photos to give when they grew up
  7. I have a hope chest but it's full of memories that have happened throughout their lives so far. (Baby clothes, first drawings, newspaper articles, pictures, letters, special homework, other momentos from special occasions) I also have/and am always in the process of making special scrapbooks with photos and journals in my writing- I will give the scrapbooks to them when they are older, so they can share with their kids.:smile:
  8. I save China (Hermes Teapots, Eva Zeisel pottery) for my girls when they get older. I also have some heirloom items I plan to pass on to them.
  9. I have lots of things that I know I am going to give my daughter someday, but I dont have them in a chest yet. One thing I have for her is a journal that I began writing in when I first found out I was pregnant with her. I always write my entries TO her, like I am talking to her in person. I don't plan to tell her that I have been writing this journal for her until she becomes a mother someday. I think it would be very special for her to read it during her first pregnancy. And if that doesn't happen for her, I will give it to her for a birthday gift or something, if I am not senile at that point.
  10. I dont have a hope chest, but I have a baby box for each child. In the box, I have kept a favourite toy, some clothes or shoes, school reorts, photographs and I like to keep some art work. I would have loved to have written entries to them, but have never been consistent enough to do it. The hope chest sounds a lovely idea.:flowers: