Calling All Modern Chain Tote Owners

  1. I have this bag in black and I really like the look of it. It has been sitting in my closet since the beginning of November. Due to other purchases, holidays etc... I have been using other bags.

    I know that if I return it I will have "the one that got away feeling". I remember Swanky's Lady Braid story too well.

    Just want to hear if anyone who has this bag has any comments before I cut the tags!

    I do really love the chunky look of this bag. I think it goes with so many chunky things that are in right now (like wedges).

    Here's mine:[​IMG]
  2. I absolutely love that bag and if money were no object it would be sitting in my collection right now. The chain is the draw for me - love it!!
  3. Super hot bag!! Wear it!
  4. ah, i know how you feel, i had the MC flap (i love flap bag) but sold it in order to save for my baby cabas. i love my baby cabas but i still feel like "the one that got away..."
  5. I have this bag in red and white. It's GORGEOUS. I love it. I have been carrying the red one since buying it. I will break-out the white one for Spring. Only draw back is that it can get heavy because it's all leather, including the interior.
  6. i have the square tote. Its black too and i love it (yes it does get a bit heavy as smooth said)

    But it's just understated and goes with everything. My mum didn;t even know it was a chanel until i told her :smile:
  7. Oh -- I love your bag!

    Smoothopter -- how is it holding up for you? is the leather soft and showing marks?
    I'm trying to decide between this one and the Luxe bowler -- and to be honest am totally stuck.:shrugs:
    I wish my bank account was fatter ....
  8. I have this exact bag in black and absolutely love it.

    I originally wanted to get the oldder cabas in black leather with the double Cs on the front but couldn't find them anywhere. Then whilst looking through the forum I saw Smoothoprter's pictures of the red and white and fell in love.

    I use this bag a lot and agree with the others that the only drawback is that it can get heavy bbut I love it and laways get complments on it.

    Also, it has the added bonus that being so large you can fit everything in it.

    I like the chunky effect of this bag and am looking forward to the summer when I can wear it with flip flops, a vest and shorts.

    I'm biased, but I think you should definately keep it! :yes:

    Let us know what you decide.
  9. I have the N/S tote and the little flap is on the way! i love this ligne. Keep it!
  10. Have it, love it! Keep it!
  11. I have the red N/S tote and as much as I adore it, it IS very heavy! :shame: The heaviness did not affect me that much until I went travelling with it. WOW my shoulders started to ache. But I still LOVE it :love: sounds kind of masochistic LOL
  12. I have the red tote and it is one of my favorite most carried bags. I hope to get it in black too at some point. All my bags are heavy since I love big bags so it doesnt bother me. My birkin is about the same weight when I load it with my stuff.
  13. I have to agree with everyone else. I have the n/s red tote and absolutely love it! It does get heavy, but I just think it's a beautiful bag. I would never get rid of mine. I'm sure they would be hard to find now.
  14. Better keep it.Sold out around US for Chanel Btq already!
  15. It's holding up just beautifully.:smile: