calling all miu miu owners with distressed leather!!!

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  1. Hey guys, I was just wondering, do your bags squeak when you carry them? If any of you own anything patent, I'm thinking along the lines of that squeaking...TIA!!! :smile:
  2. Nope! I don't even think of this leather as distressed, I think of it as glazed. Like a glossy leather that's not quite patent. But no squeak!
  3. Nope, mine doesn't make a sound! Did you get yours off of Bluefly? I was remembering from the BV forum that some ladies who got their bags from them squeaks...
  4. the reason why I ask is because, whenever I carry my black bow, the area around the bows squeak?! My black bow is not the buttery leather from season 1, has gold hardware, but it is not glazed either. I've seen the graphite in real life and that is considered glazed and distressed right? I just hope this is not a fake return from Saks, because I bought her from Saks :crybaby:
  5. My bow astro is distressed and nope it doesn't squeak.. maybe yours is still new, perhaps after using for awhile, the squeak will be gone.
  6. no squeaks here!