Calling all Miss Prints

Bike Chick

Jul 12, 2008
I went by a little boutique that is on Tano's retailer website yesterday, not expecting much. They had nothing new or even from 2008, but had probably 20 older Tano's, including a Lhasa Apsa (forgive spelling) - that bag is certainly different. Unfortunately, a lot of the bags had been near the window for way too long and were badly faded. A plus - everything was 40% off.

A brown bag that I didn't recognize was way up on the wall (away from the sunlight) and when the girl took it down I could tell right away it was a Miss Print. I pulled the stuffing out and turned the bag inside out (too the surprise of the sales girl), and was in love with the cinnamon brown snakeskin-look. I couldn't leave it there at that price.

I bought it planning to use the snakeskin side, but both sides are awesome. For you all that have one, which side do you use most? Do you get over thinking that either side is way too pretty to be on the inside? :confused1:


~*~ addicted ~*~
Feb 26, 2008
Hehe bike chick! That's a bummer that the bags were by the window... sad! When voodoo had her miss print I didn't realize it was reversible but I think the snake skin side is GORGEOUS too! I would hate to have either on the inside though haha! Have fun flipping back and forth! (PICS!??!?!?! :graucho:) lol