Calling All Mini Twiggy Owners!

  1. :confused1: Hi....I have the opportunity to buy a mint 05 turq mini twiggy, and wanted to get a few opinions about the style and size. Thanks in advance for your opinions!
  2. I think it's very, very cute! I personally love the bag, though some don't find it very practical at all. I believe there are two sizes; the larger one holds as much as the first. And that color is so rare, I think you should go for it; the turquoise would be the greatest POP of color! Just my opinion though, let us know what you decide!
  3. Don't have one but it looks so cute, IMO. I sure would like to hear from owners of this style.
  4. I just got my teal mini twiggy! My new favorite style. It holds my long b wallet and even my blackberry!!

  5. ;)Rocco...that was so sweet of you to add a picture. It's the perfect way to get a sense of the size of the bag, and it actually looks like it would be the perfect size for running errands! are so right about the color, below is a picture of the actual bag I am considering. Do you know the measurements of the two mini's, or is there a different name for each size?

    The only thing I would change is the short tassles. Does anyone no the retail price? Thanks ladies!
  6. Maybe you could get extra tassels from BalNY so they could be longer. The two sizes have different serial numbers. Here's the info from AtelierNaff: MINI TWIGGY/BARREL $850
    138223 (5"h x 10"w x 4"d; 18" strap)
    138224 (4"h x 8"w x 4"d; 18" strap)
    Hope this helps!
  7. I just got a metallic orange mini twiggy. It's sooo cute. But I'm more of a large bag kind of gal so I'm having second thoughts on the size. It goes carry enough though, if you aren't like me and thow all your junk into your bags.

    It carries my long wallet, lip glosses, a makeup pouch, cellphone, and keys on a long lanyard.
  8. :heart: Thank you pp and the rest of you for being so helpful! For sure if it is the smallest mini, I will pass on it. However, if it turns out to be the larger one I have some thinking to do. Once again thank you very much!
  9. i had a mini twiggy in red metallic. it is def. cute and it can hold my essential things, but i'm also more of a big bag girl, so i sold it :P
  10. If it is the one shown in your photo, then it is the larger size. I have the smaller size as well as the larger size and the proportions are different, so I can tell.
  11. I've also been thinking about getting a mini twiggy. do the handles fit over the shoulder, and would it be a very tight fit?
  12. Deana .... just got 'my' mini twiggy (also '05 turquoise) a few days ago ... and I love it very much!! Ok - it's not the size for every day (IMO) but it's a really sweet bag and holds the important things for a shopping-day ;)
  13. :yahoo:
  14. If you are very petite and have very slim arms, it would just about fit. It would have fit me 20 years ago, but not now!
  15. I do find the handles of the Mini Twiggy pretty long, so it fits on my shoulder - you'll see in the photo below it fits on my shoulder whilst wearing a thick fur jacket!