Calling all Mini Square owners!

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  1. Hi! as a fellow owner of a mini square flap (as of today lol), i am hoping you all can give me some feedback/advice/reassurance!

    here's a little backstory - i just got my first ever chanel last month. i dont have a boutique super close to me so i turned to youtube to do my research and had my mind set on either a mini square or a jumbo (lol total opposites- i know) i just loved how the mini square looked on others and they all seemed to have great opinions on it as far as how much it can surprisingly fit and how much they reach for it. when i finally went into the boutique, they obviously didn't have any mini squares but they did have a jumbo and m/l which i tried on. i ruled out the m/l before even seeing it because of how little of a price difference it had to the jumbo so it seemed like the jumbo was a better deal, but upon actually trying it on i was very underwhelmed and felt i wouldn't wear it as much since im more of a crossbody than a shoulder bag girl. SO i actually ended up purchasing a coco handle in black caviar leather w GHW! i love it and told myself no more chanel for the year.

    however i kept seeing mini squares all over my feed and still had such an attraction to them and one day i came across a youtuber who had a PATENT black m/l!! i was soooo in awe with how shiny the bag was and how good it looked with SHW (i knew my next purchase would be SHW since my coco handle is GHW) so right then and there i decided my next bag would be a mini square in patent leather! so i searched and searched and bought one from ebay and it just arrived today!

    so here is the big question/problem - i was SO excited to actually find the bag and decided and purchased and everything happened so fast that when i actually tried on the bag i was also...underwhelmed. this might be not be smart but i have actually never tried on a square mini on myself before purchasing so actually trying the bag on, i felt like it looked like a toy on me. i'm 5'4 and i tried wearing the bag both crossbody and shoulder, and i wasn't gushing over either way, it's just so little and boxy.. did anyone else feel like this? how do you guys style/wear your mini squares and how often? did it grow on you over time?

    i'm thinking i could sell this bag and save up a bit more to get a m/l in the patent leather.. but they seem hard to find and also the process of selling would be new to me. i was so set on the minis because of how versatile i thought it would be for me - a day/everyday bag where i can just take my essentials but also a night out bag i can wear w no problem.. so i'm sad that i don't love it on me as much as i thought i would..
  2. Have you considered the mini rectangular? It’s smaller than the classic small and m/l but it’s a similar shape to them. It can also be worn crossbody- has a longer drop than the square actually. I’m also 5’4 and I love the mini rectangular although I would love to purchase a mini square as well. :P

    For now, perhaps you could just look up how people style the mini square. There’s definitely a possibility it could grow on you. For me, I didn’t like the look of the aged calfskin reissue. Now I actually would love to get one someday.
  3. Hi I have a mini square and I am 5 3 I can’t wear it cross body. I don’t use it for everyday because mine is lambskin. Patent leather sounds lovely tho :smile: I agree with above just google how people style it. Hope it works out for you x
  4. I don’t own a square mini precisely for the reasons in your email. I like the look of the bag alone on pictures and admire from afar but when I try it on (I’m 5.8) or see it styled on other tall people, I don’t like the look as it’s so bulky and disproportionate.

    There are many mini lovers here who might disagree but realistically the mini looks good mainly on petite ladies with more girly style - the WOC is better option if you’re taller or want something less bulky
  5. Hi! I have this exact square mini - patent with silver hardware and I love it. The chain on the square mini's are a lot shorter than the chain on the rectangle mini, and personally for me the square is too short to wear cross body - and Im 5'0. I wear mines long on one shoulder down the side of my body. It does have a 'dressy' feel being patent. The rectangle mini might be a better option - a little roomier and perfect cross body? Or have you checked out the mini boys, or gabrielle?
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  6. Hi, I am 5"4 , medium built and have a mini square which I love, but its defn not a daily use bag. I use it more for going out/ when I want to feel fancy. Its in black caviar + gold hardware. I liked rectangle as well but on me it felt like it stuck out and looked boxy whereas the square I just wear on the shoulder (and crossbody in the subway lol). I am a crossbody girl for daily bags. The woc is good for crossbody!
  7. I think that because we all love bags in general, its easy to go with the hype and purchase something because others love theirs so much. Doesn't mean its not a great bag but it may just not be for you. I can wear the square and rectangular mini as a crossbody bag but they both stick out and look too boxy. If you want something crossbody the woc would definitely look better. I do still love the minis though. Like others said, look for style inspirations online and keep it for a while. If you plan on reselling it you can always wait and do your research on that later. Our opinions can change and I find the bag to be a great size for going out and trips because it really can fit quite a bit.
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  8. The mini square is stunning and my best purchase. I use mine all the time and is my most used handbag! I still wear it cross body and I am 5'7, though it does come a little high. I am assuming yours is from 2013 as the patent came in red, green, pink, black and royal blue?
    Let me know if you want pics for reference.
    I do admit I comes up higher than a woc but far more functional.

  9. thank you all so much for the responses! like the square mini, i've done a lot of youtubing for the rectangular mini as well but for me personally i think it looks a bit too short in height and too rectangular.. so my next choice would be a m/l which goes up in price and also might be too big for a night out bag?

    i actually tried on my square mini today after reading these responses and did like them better! i think having the right outfit definitely helps. what do you guys think?

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  10. I think the mini square looks super cute on you!! You should definitely give it a try and see if you’re feeling it.
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  11. it looks so good. perfect outfit!
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  12. I love it. I think it looks great cross body on you as well.
  13. You look stunning! The mini square, the outfit, YOU. Also I really love your vanity! :love:
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  14. It looks great on you, both crossbody and shoulder carry. I think this is a new bag style for you and may not be use to it. I remember when I purchased my 1st square mini and I thought it was too small but it is one of my favorite minis in my collection.
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  15. I really love it on you!