Calling all Mini Lin Dune Owners

  1. I really want to get a Mini Lin Speedy in Dune. I have the Mini Lin in Ebene, and I love it. I was just wondering how easy is it to keep the Dune color clean. I really need a light colored bag and since I really love my Ebene Mini Lin speedy I thought the Dune would be perfect.

    If it does get dirty how easy is it to clean? And also how easy does it attract dirt?

    Do you recommend I get the Mini Lin Speedy in Dune or something in the Epi leather line or Damier Azur?


  2. I love the mini lin in dune I think its a beautiful color, but maybe for a bit more structure get the damier azur. Unless you really like the sag of the mini lin. I would love to get something from the mini lin line but I hate the sag!! Since i'm a recent LV convert I don't see the craze over the epi (maybe later) so I can't help in that dept. HTH.
  3. Anyone?????
  4. I love my mini lin in Ebene too. I think some old threads talked about the resistant to dirty for mini lin in dune. Anyway, the pale color is always easy to catch the dirt. I saw in your photo you also got a Gucci in Pink and I thinl if you can take care of that pink bag so there will be no problems to take care of the mini lin.

    I choose to buy Azur over mini lin in dune and I love mine a lot!! and now am considering to pay for an Epi speedy in Ivory.
  5. i would give you the thumbs up for the mini lin speedy in dune...i have it and it's absolutely the greatest...i'd rave about the fact that it doesn't get dirty that easy, unless you are going to throw it on mud or put it on the ground...i've had mine..used it on and off because i have a work bag and that's what i use the most....i personally don't have anything from the epi line yet so i can't comment about epi...but for damier azur speedy...if u like patina, go ahead!

    as for the sag factor, i use purseket and also have a cardboard bottom!

    now, to tempt u...
  6. whoopps, sory for the big picture! for some reason i can't resize it.
  7. I love the mini lin dune.
  8. i want to get the mini lin in dune friend has the ebene and she uses cardboard on it because of it's material to keep it structured. I'd probably do the same with a magazine or something.
  9. To prevent the sag on my Ebene Mini Lin I take a DVD case and open it up and place it flat on the bottom and it fits perfect. So no sag for me. Of course I learned that trick here.
  10. so are u getting it???? :graucho:

  11. I am 99% sure one way or another I will be. I am waiting for my 18th wedding Anniversary on Aug. 13. If it is like most occasions I will be buying it for myself on Aug. 14. :rolleyes:
  12. Thanks for the tip.
  13. I luv this bag, but do you think there is no avoiding getting it dirty. I'm just wondering how those of you that have it, keep it clean?
  14. Look what I got today!!!!

  15. uh ohhhh. we need modeling pics! thanks for asking this question cause i wanna get this bag too! and congrats on the anniversary!