Calling all messenger or courier bag owners.....

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  1. Please tell me about your bags :smile: I have a first, day, purse and twiggy. I really prefer bags that I can wear over my shoulder. I saw a woman today with a messenger bag and it looks great on her (non Balenciaga). So it got me thinking......

    Maybe I should investigate this style further. I would want one in a really funky color.

  2. I have the Sandstone Messenger, just purchased two weeks ago in Paris. I really love this bag! It's great when you want to be "hands free" and lays nicely against the body. Here's a pic:


    I'm not sure what other colors it's available in besides Anthracite and Café, though. Those were the only other two colors in stock at Printemps that I'm aware of.
  3. i got my first balenciaga, the besace messenger, around 1-2 weeks ago and i love it. Used it two times so far, and very pleased.

  4. I have an origan courrier and even if it's quite big I love it.
  5. Thanks guys! I have to do more research- what are the differences between the messenger and the courier style? The courier seems a bit too big for me for every day use. The messenger looks more like my style......
  6. The courier is a lot bigger then the messenger. Maybe someone can post the dimensions. I love the courier. It drapes beautifully. Seeing pictures of the courier laying flat doesn't do it justice.
  7. wow pseub that messenger looks amazing on you! :heart:
    hmmm... :idea:
  8. Good Lord, I am CRAZY!! I was able to purchase a Sandstone messenger at a really good price so I went for it :nuts:
  9. CONGRATS Judie!
    I think Sandstone is going to be a nice addition to your family.
  10. Thanks INC- I was going to email you and ask your advice but I didn't want to bother you.

    I do think I will get good use out of this bag! I'm excited.
  11. No, please don't hesitate next time!
    I got your note this morning but I was heading to work...I'm trying to catch up with everyone's new purchases - I'm jealous, I have to say.

    But I have to really be patient, since I'm buying everything that I'm waitlisted for. :wtf:

    POST PICS - as usual ;)
  12. I have the regular courrier in Rouille, and I love it.

    It's workable as a bag for papers, etc., and just as functional as a slouchy "hobo" type bag, too.

    Good luck!
  13. Considering the price of the besace messenger, I think this bag is value for money. Although I am quite hesistant to buy this because it is for men and I am not quite sure if I can carry this bag well. I am 5"7, anyone out there using this style, please post photos. LVizo, love that color, but photo doesnt really show the proportion of you built and the bag.
  14. I'm reconsidering the messenger now :confused1: It seems so flat. But the courier seems way too big for me- I'm
    5' 2".