Calling all men!

  1. Do any of you know the price of the man's shirt that is currently on the catalogue page (where you pick men or women) on (sorry don't know how do to the screen shot).
    It is white with the (looks like) navy blue "star" from the LV monogram pattern.
  2. Juan just saw it at the store the other day, ask him!
  3. The shirt is HOT! so is the model lol
  4. LV dress shirts here in Australia start at around AU$1200 or $800-900US.

  5. Sorry is Juan a user name or a real name (if so what's his user name? please!)
  6. oh and agreed!

    (**in back ground........what's that honey of course he's not a s hot as you**)
  7. John5 lol is his name on here

    most likely he wont remember, he cant remember his own name 90% of the time lol but what I did was called 866 and asked them ( I did that when I bought my red coat, the guy used to be on that page with it) and they found out everything for me!
  8. ooh John I guess I could have figured that out silly me.
  9. No prices on these RTW pieces yet... but the RTW manager esimated around.. $450-$700?
  10. Thank you, I'll get in touch with customer services over here too but if you get a set price can you let me know & I'll do the same. TIA
  11. Sounds about right. With RTW it really depends on the material of the shirt!
  12. I forgot to mention... in the look book, it stated that the shirt was going to come in three colors... white, black and blue?

    I'll be sure to post any info once I receive any. ;)