Calling All Men ( Husbands included )

timothy mather

Timothy Mather
Oct 15, 2008
Calling All Men, This is my first Thread. I have been checking out this site over the past couple of months and have noticed the odd man's name.
I have been an Hermes fan for over twenty five years and like most men have
only purchased Ties & Belts, until Now !
Hermes will customize a Bugatti Super Car , a Jet Helicopter and now a Wally Power super Yacht.
I had the great privilege of attending the Opening Night of the Monaco Yacht Show this past September that Hermes hosted. Not only did I attend the cocktail party for five hundred guests but had the great honor of being invited
by Mr. Jean Louis Dumas to sit at his table for the Dinner Party afterwards for one hundred guest upstairs in the dinning room of the Monaco Yacht Club.
It truly was an amazing evening, It renewed my love of the brand ,and instigated my purchase of my first Bag, a Gypserie 37mm. in gold Clemence
with Palladium hardware. That is also how I came to this site.


Sep 2, 2006
Welcome from another Toronto resident (albeit female)! I like the Jypsiere more than I thought I would (though I don't have one)... I think there are so many great pieces that men can wear...


Hermès made me do it
Jun 7, 2008
Eek! That is so wonderful. Ah, to be invited to Mr. Jean Louis Dumas's table. I would be so excited to talk to his wife too, Mrs. Rena Dumas. You're so lucky. I hope you took some pictures so we can see the event!

BTW, did they use H china for the dinner? Just curious.