Calling All Members in Ireland

  1. I'm taking a last minute trip to Dublin on Monday and I don't know what to wear! DH is already there and he's no help, he just said to bring mini skirts...

    I will be visiting DH's family and friends, not doing much of the "touristy" things. I haven't been there in a few years though, so help would be appreciated!
  2. hee hee, I think you should accidently forget to take anything and get him to take you to Brown Thomas ;)

    solves the what to wear problem ;)
  3. Maybe my luggage will get "lost"
  4. eheh weather has been lovely here so take nice spring clothes nothing too heavy ! :smile: i agree with chloe babe but i if u insist on taking some clothes at least forget bags or shoes ...and then "accidentally" go to BT and find some new ones !;)

  5. chloe are u in ireland too ????? :graucho:
  6. I'm loving this advice!
  7. Any really good shopping tips? Unfortunately for me, the dollar stinks to the Euro right now.
  8. Thank you!