Calling All Matelasse Owners!!!

  1. Hi ladies! I have been waiting for the Giant Hobo in French Blue to arrive at Bal, NY. I love the shape of this bag but I am not a huge fan of the giant hardware. While waiting for the GH I bought a Metallic Pink Rose Box, and I fell in love with the shiny silver hardware! I wish Bal could give us all the hardware choices on every bag, regular sized shiny gold would be lovely to see as well! I then saw Bev's wonderful thread with all those photos from Neiman Marcus, and the French Blue Small Matelasse with shiny silver hardware caught my eye! Neiman Marcus charges $200 more than Bal NY so I called them and they have some there as well. So I would love to hear from anyone who owns one of these bags. I never thought of getting a quilted bag before I saw this one in Bev's photos. I am wondering how the leather feels, if it is slouchy and soft, and if the handles are long enough to wear on the shoulder since it doesn't come with a shoulder strap? Any and all opinions would be greatly appreciated, even if you don't own one!
    The stunning Green Crocodile City caught my attention as well, so if I don't get a Matelasse I could get into some serious trouble and get that instead!
  2. Those 2 bags were the ones that caught my eye as well. I especially loved the FB Matelasse but I can't justify getting another FB bag. From what I've read on other threads, the matlasse can be worn on the shoulder but it smooshes the sides in a bit because it's boxy. I think it's a gorgeous bag especially in that color.
  3. I don't own a matelasse but I was very tempted to buy one last month. I was at BalNY and saw Terri (one of the SA)carrying one in the FB and the bag just stopped me in my tracks. I couldn't stop staring at it:wtf:. It was truly to die for and the color just pops! I tried it on later that day at Barneys and really fell in love with the color. I never considered the matelasse until I saw it in the FB. The only thing that I didn't like was that the sides of the bag stick out when you carry it. It doesn't maintain the boxy shape. It fit over my shoulder but then it smashes the bag and the sides stick out. Now I'm considering getting a FB twiggy instead.
  4. Thank you both very much! I think I am going to have to give it a go! I want a bag in French Blue no matter what, and if I don't like it I can exchange it for another style in FB. The Twiggy style is a tad too long for me, and I love the Box style but it is discontinued. I agree with you both that this style in French Blue is just gorgeous, especially with the shiny silver hardware! I bet it would look beautiful with giant silver hardware for those who like the giant hardware! I mostly carry my bags on my forearms but like the shoulder option for long days. I have also been known to keep some stuffing in my bags that need help in retaining their shape. I will share pictures and let you know what I think! Thanks much!
  5. Deana, two words - GREAT CHOICE! :woohoo:

    Matelasse is FB is utterly **stunning**. I tried it out in NM SF and they had to pry it out of my hands and wipe it down after I :drool: :drool: all over it! IMHO, it is the most gorgeous color/style combo!! :heart:

    I own a matelasse in black and I love it....check out my thread and you'll get an idea of how it fits. I CAN'T wait to see your new bag, please post pics!! Congratulations in advance and I'd be happy to purse-sit! :graucho:
  6. Yes Matelasse in FB is tdf. I'm go jealous of you as I literally shouldn't buy any handbags for the rest of the year! Total purse ban, the only joy I should get should be from this forum. Aye!:crybaby:
  7. Thanks so much myindulgence and grande latte too! I am convinced the matelasse in french blue is my destiny! I was really losing patience waiting for the giant hobo's in french blue to arrive at Bal, although I have reservations about the giant hardware. Now I feel there was a reason for the delay, and the reason is the matelasse! As soon as I saw it in Bev's thread I was blown away. That style combined with the shiny hardware and french blue color is amazing! It also has the long tassel on the zippered pocket so I can attach this braided accessory a made for my new french blue bag, which would have been difficult to do on the hobo. The link to your thread mi was just what I needed. It was the only pictures I have seen with someone wearing it and holding it, and it's gorgeous! I promise to post pics as soon as it arrives! Thanks again to all!
    1-03-07002.jpg 1-03-07005.jpg 1-03-07001.jpg 1-03-07004.jpg
  8. The matlasse style is so gorgeous! I have it in black and absolutely :heart: this style. Post pics when you get your FB!
  9. Thanks Deana. Your charm is going to look pretty on the Mat, you're all ready to go! Now speaking of that zipper pull, just reminder that that is a faux pocket, zips, but is not a case you weren't aware.

    I can't wait to see pics....LOTS of pics!! :yes:
  10. :heart:
    Thanks for being so helpful! I did not know it was a faux pocket, but as long as I can hang my accessory I'm happy!
  11. As you can see by my avatar, I have the Black Matelasse (Small/Medium size) ... I LOVE it!!

    When this style first came out, I jumped on the bandwagon immediately ... I think I was the first one here on the forum to get one. For some time, I've been thinking about getting another one because I just love how the Quilting looks so "Chanel-esque" but yet the Balenciaga Motorcycle styling makes the bag so funky!

    Given that I carry too much stuff, I'm going to splurge on the GRANDE (largest) size. I haven't seen the GRANDE in any colors but the Black, White and Marron (Dark Brown), so I'm not even sure if it's available in the French Blue. I did, however, see the small French Blue Matelasse at the Barneys NY/Copley Place (Boston) store ... it was stunning!

    Does anyone know if the GRANDE size does come in the other colors? Of course, my personal favorite would be the ROUGE VERMILLON color ... :heart: WOW:heart: !!!
  12. I can't wait to see pics!!! This bag is so dreamy. I'd like to know also if the large size comes in bright colors.
  13. i was hoping someone on the forum would buy this bag, it's an absolute stunner!
  14. Model pics of the grande when you get it ceejay!

    Love my mat... wearing it today for the first time :tender: .
  15. I was expecting a grande matelasse today and was so diappointed to open the box and find a small/medium! Am getting the grande sent to me but was wondering if anyone knows if the handle drop on the grande is any longer than on the small? It barely fit over my shoulder. :sad: