Calling all Marcie owners! Please help me!!

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  1. Hi everyone! I hope you all can help me. Some of you may remember my problem with my Marcie hobo. I only had her for 11 days and the strap was already breaking! The stitching holding the handle on was coming apart. I was so heartbroken because it was such a gorgeous bag in the perfect shade of red. Well, I have done nothing but obsess over her loss and I have literally lost sleep staying up at night thinking about her. Crazy, I know! I REALLY want to give Chloe another try. I'm hoping that maybe this bag breaking was just a fluke and if I get another one it will be OK. I have another Marcie hobo in Ochre that has been sitting in my closet because I'm too afraid to use her. What do you all think? I could really use your opinions on your experiences with the Chloe brand...esp. any other Marcie hobo owners. I've never owned a Chloe before so I don't know the quality of the brand. My Marcie breaking right away has left a bad taste in my mouth though. This is such an expensive bag and I really want another red one, but I'm worried the same thing might happen again. Has anyone else ever had any problems with Chloe quality? Thanks so much for your help! :biggrin:
  2. So sorry to hear about your problem. IMO, I would not hesitate to jump in again with your new Marcie. I have a beautiful NUT Marcie satchel. Not not one issue at all! Just as perfect as the day I bought it. And I use it!
  3. Please, please use and enjoy your marcie! I've had my nut marcie for a year now and she's gotten only better - the leather is softer and there's been no problems. The zip sometimes 'sticks' when I fully unzip her but that's all!
  4. please use your marcie! remember my marcie from Nordstroms came with a broken handle? well i returned it & missed that bag so much. i then got a tan marcie for a great deal from hgbags. i use this bag every day & it gets better with use. of course i have a tiny fear that i will be walking down the street & the strap will pop off, but i think this bag is strong. no quality issues at all. i plan on using this bag the most out of all of my bags.

    i think our broken bags were flukes. many many ladies are enjoying their chloes with no quality issues. my paraty is very well made too & i used it often in the past year.
  5. The stitching on my dd's Marcie soon started to unravel after purchase as well. I have only one Marcie myself and probably will not get another due to her problem. I do have (4) other Chloes (Paraty) with no problem.
  6. Hi there! I've had a preloved Marcie since March and it's been beautiful. I haven't had any major problems and it's only become more soft and smooshy. It's the bag I choose 90% of the time. I really think you should give it another shot. :smile:
  7. ^ Same here, I just bought a preloved vermillion medium Marcie hobo and it is GORGEOUS! You wouldn't even know it has been used. It sounds like you were just unlucky so I would definitely give it another try!
  8. Thanks everyone for all your opinions! I pulled my Marcie out of storage today to start using her. I hope she will be ok!