Calling all Manor owners!!!!

  1. Just a quick question for you Manor owners - how has the leather held up for you so far? Have you found it to be fairly durable and that it can weather the elements?

    I just picked one up this weekend, but am still debating whether or not to keep it. :rolleyes:

    TIA ladies!!! :flowers:
  2. is yours normal or patent leather
  3. ^ Oh sorry, it's normal leather. :yes:
  4. I'm interested in this bag too! is it very heavy?
  5. I *just* got it and haven't tested it out yet, so I'm not sure...but I also love big bags and am used to them being heavy... :shrugs:
  6. Its a bit heavy, but not too bad. I have the leather and cloth manor, and it has held up wonderful.
  7. Oh, I saw that bag in a gorgeous burgundy patent. I want it so bad! I didn't think it was heavy. It is just stunning...:love:
  8. I think it is heavy, even when empty....The leather quality is excellent though. So far I'm not questioning the durability.
  9. i just got one from staff sale, it's quilted checked with brown leather. it's an impulse purchase, i'm not too sure whether i should keep it. but it's a very good deal. and i don't know whether the bag will be in fashion for a long term.
    burberry manor.JPG
  10. that one is TDF! I think the Manor will stay for a long time, much more than the Beaton or the Knight bag
  11. I have a manor in black leather. I've only had it for about four months but the leather so far has held up. I love the bag, this is my favorite style from the Burberry collection. Which manor did you purchase?
  12. ^ I got the manor in black leather as it!!! I've definitely decided to keep it... :heart:
  13. I have the Manor in patent leather and it weighs about 1.5 kilograms. For me it's okay; there is another Burberry bag that is studded and it weighs 5 (!) kg. (About 10 or 11 pounds). No way to carry that... Whoever designed that...thing, he (no woman did that, I am sure) should be punished by having to carry it several hours nonstop :cursing: