Calling All Malaysians!!!

  1. I met a fellow PF member a couple weeks back. It just so happens that she also lives in Buffalo and is from Malaysia, and in fact, she found me through her Xanga before she found me on this forum :biggrin:! After meeting her, I wondered how many Malaysians are on this forum, which is why I'm starting this thread now.

    Just a bit about myself: I'm 21, from Subang Jaya, Selangor, and I came to Buffalo, NY to study at the University at Buffalo in Spring 2004.

    If you're Malaysian, drop a line here and see how many of us are out there on his forum :rochard:!
  2. 22, born in Petaling Jaya, and grew up in Vancouver Canada ever since the wee age of 4. Graduating this May from UBC and recently developed an obssession with designer handbags. ;)

    btw...does anyone know which designer brands are highly sought after in M'sia (but reasonably cheap in N.America)? I'm going back this summer and would like to purchase some gifts for the hostesses and cousin tour guides as a thank you.
  3. helloooo i'm a malaysian too.

    i've been in sydney since the start of 2003. just graduated from USYD a month ago.
    wow 4 years already been here too darn long :cry:

    love bags love pets love money :love:.

    i think there are a few malaysians from sydney on TPF too.
  4. hello! 25 from kajang, selangor. studied in the university a buffalo (NY, USA) from 2000-2002 and have been working in buffalo since then! i'm lucky to have a PF buddy (yeuxonnetes) here who's also in buffalo.

    i just started loving handbags since last november. so far, i only have 1 LV. still trying to think what i should get for my bday in november hehe...
  5. omg..I am so sphyched.

    my age 33, live in OR because my hubby is an Engineer with a company owned by our govt.

    from: penang, 3 kids and very homesick
    hubby is from Kluang, Johor
  6. Nice thread !!! Its great to know all of you here at tPF. Myself here in JB, Johor.

    Regarding bags that are highly sought after in M'sia: Its hard to say, down here in JB, theres not much to see really, unless you go down to SG. In KL, theres alot of brands presence lately, from LV to Botkier to Tods, Chanel, Hermes, Marc J, Anya H., Mulberry..., the down-side is the price, it can be 30-40% higher than US prices.
  7. my mom's family is from penang (georgetown) too:yahoo:! before i came to buffalo i used to go to penang 3 - 4 times a year. i :heart: the food.

    i have to ask, what kind of company does your husband work at? my boyfriend graduated last year with a BS in Chemical Engineering, and he still can't find a job :wondering. if he doesn't get one in a next couple of months he'll have to go back to m'sia by the end of october :cry:
  8. it's good to see all of you here! i am actually flying to malaysia this weekend for a 3 week vacation. i miss my family and the food so much! if i see any "trend" there i will let you guys know! when i went home last year, i noticed a lot of camisoles and mini skirts so i felt much more comfortable doing that myself now (compared to years ago).
  9. Hey all...

    I'm a 22 yr old from Kuala Lumpur, but have spent the last four years in Sydney now. Currently applying for PR so dad has threatened to cut off my allowance cause he wants me to go home.

    Dunno how I'm gonna feed my LV craze then, but I only started liking designer bags two years ago? I don't have very many, only one LV bag at the moment too...but at the rate I'm being introduced to LVs here and the way I'm lusting after certain other bags, haha I dun suppose it'll stay that small for very long...

    Have fun in Msia sma11cat! Just a tip for you while you are there. dunno whether it applies also, but I usually buy my skincare and cosmetics from Msia cause it's much cheaper than getting it here in Sydney, things like SK-II and Dior is definitely more worthwhile getting there and quality should be same right? Oooo, 3 weeks...issit enough?

    I'm missing Mid-valley, One-Utama and KLCC already!!!
  10. me too :cry:! Buffalo is a pseudo-hick town, so the 'Mid Valley' here is really a two-storey mall where the most 'upscale' stores are Banana Republic and Guess :hrmm:. i miss KLCC the most, probably because i do most of my shopping there. and i miss Sunway Pyramid too; my house is like 10 minutes away, and my mom told me that it's under renovation now.

    GenYbagaddict, which part of KL are you from?
  11. Hi Sma11cat,

    I will be flying back in August and am trying to think of cheap, but nice gifts to get for my hostess. Could you let me know when you get back any popular brands there that are cheap here, but $$$ there??? :biggrin:

    I was thinking of Tommy Hilfiger or Guess or XOXO wallets for the children, Versace wine-stoppers for adults, and maybe a Hermes Twilly for the hostess?

    Would they even appreciate these gifts? Am I thinking of spending too much? I've never had contact with any of them, just thinking that it's polite since I'm boarding for free, and perhaps they'll feel more happy to be my tourist guide??
  12. bwhahaha i will go to KLCC(my absolute favorite), mid valley, 1 utama, lot 10, starhill, etc. when i go home yay! my sister was shocked when i put in so many "shopping" on my schedule lol.

    i think i read this somewhere else n the PF but should i bring my LV home with me? i am worried that my mom will yell at me for spending so much on a bag (if she knows LV, that is).

    GenYbagaddict - i hope you get your PR for australia!!! i am lucky to have parents that just want me to be happy so they let me stay here in the US. i'm sure your parents will get used to it though. i am on a working visa here in the US. 3-week vacation is all i could take off from work. any more than that and my boss will go bonkers. yes i do plan on getting skincare products there!

    Lyn2005 - if i remember correctly, Guess is pretty popular in malaysia among young adults. i will let you know more when i go home. i think you are thinking of spending too much... maybe you can get them something from canada that they can't get in malaysia? like canadian ice wine for adults? (what do you gals think?) and hey, you can always take them out for dinner. :cool:
  13. A big shout-out to everyone! Fellow Malaysian living in Vegas. I'm going back for the summer with my six-month old - can't wait, I hear the LAKSA calling my name as well as all the kuih ! Don't get me started I am salivating at the thought. The 3 Fs, - Family, Friends and FOOD, nothing like it!
  14. I'm 22 and from subang jaya too! I left when i was in P3 though. I can't seem to remember the name of my primary school, as I have forgotten my malay too. I was in michigan for studies and now in hong kong.

    Just came back from 2 weeks in malaysia. damn its hot and humid there. can't complain about the food though
  15. BTW I'm originally from KL, Damansara Heights! Nice to meet all of you fellow bag addicts!