Calling all Mademoiselle Ligne Tote Owners!!

  1. Anyone have a Mademoiselle tote?? or Mad small camera bag? Please post your modelling pics for me. I think am okay with the small camera bag, but wasn't sure about the size of the Mad tote. I think it might be too big for me. I'm 5"4, but dont really carry big bag. I want to know if you like your Mad tote? Also, I want to know if the chain is comfortable on the shoulder?? (the metal chain with leather woven into). Oh yeah, and the color I ordered was Mint(green) If you have the same color. I want to know if it easy to blends in with your clothes. Thank you in advance. And Sorry for asking too many questions. I'm just too excited about my new two bags. Hope to see your modelling pics and advices. :heart:
  2. I don't think it's too big for you. Congrats on MM tote, I :heart: mine. but it scratch & bend easily, just stuff your bag when you're not using it.
    here's my modeling pic (I'm 5'1 for reference)