Calling all LV shawl owners

  1. I'm thinking of purchasing an LV shawl to keep in my bag all the time. We were dining at a restaurant last night and I was freezing. This also happens whenever we go to the movies, sporting event, whatever. I like to check my coat and I thought if I had one with me all the time I could just use it to cover up.

    So if you have one, how do they wear and would they fit my need? Or am I just being a wimp!

    Oh, and any preferences for color? I'd like something other than the regular LV mono.
  2. i have the black Monogram Shawl, and i usually wear it like a pashmina. i chose black because it goes with everything, and it wouldn't get dirty so easily
  3. Yeah, I think it would definitely suits your need..
    Especially that they are lightweight (to always have it in your bag) yet can provide you warmth from the chill.
    I usually drapped it fully over my shoulders or do a noose wrap over my neck..
    This Oprah's site have some various interesting ways of doing it.. ;)
    How to Wear a Pashmina Shawl.

    Attc: This camel one caught my eyes that I just had to get it..
  4. I have the black as well and love it! I say get it!!
  5. Double ditto. I have the black monogram shawl and I've used it during the day and at night. I've gotten several compliments on it. When I first got it, I was surprised how big it is, but it actually works really well.
  6. I have the beige Monogram shawl and the Monogram Denim shawl in black. They are huge, but drape really nice. Not bulky at all. I'll definitely buy another Monogram Denim shawl. I want one in khaki or rose.
    Taschen&Co 012.jpg

  7. Yup I hope add a black LV shawl to my collection eventually for the same can't go wrong with black, IMHO:yes:
  8. I have the champagne (beige) one. I love it! I like using it casually just over a tank top and with jeans.
  9. i ve chocolate... classy!!
  10. I've got a blue Monogram Denim shawl and I love it:love: . It's very soft, and actually pretty warm. The downside is that it's very delicate. It's very easy to pull threads from it and the surface has started pilling. I got it in December 2006, so it's just over a month old, which is kind of disappointing. I have taken it back to LV to complain, but all I got was a big speach about how delicate it is and how careful I need to be:s :shrugs:
  11. i have in chocolate... you can wear it all nite long.. any occasions.. so pretty color.. not get dirt easily. just be careful when you wearing jewelry.. i prefer not to wear my ring while i wear my shawl. hope this help