calling all lv mommies out there!!

Aug 29, 2008
so here i am again looking for a new bag to treat myself :yahoo:
just had another boy 2 months ago and am looking to buy an new bag that will fit his stuff as well as big brothers who is 3.when we go out i usually bring with me a total of 5-6 nappies, wipes case, change of clothes for both DS1&2, water bottle for DS1, my wallet and handphone. i have damier hampstead mm at the mo but these won't fit in the bag and the straps are quite annoying & it tends to get really heavy. therefore i usually end up using my emily storksak bag.
i have been looking at totally mm, neverfull mm, monty gm on the website but i am not sure which one will make a good bag that doesnt scream diaper bag iyswim.
so lv mommies what d0 you think?what bag would you suggest?


Just doing my thing
Jul 29, 2008
I use the Totally GM. In it I carry about 10 diapers, 3 changes of clothing, a blanket, changing pad, toiletry bag w/ hand sanitizer, asprin, lotion, wipes, a breastfeeding cover-up thingy, and my wallet, phone and sunglasses. feels great on my shoulder, MEGA stylish and not heavy at all!!


Carolina Girl
Mar 17, 2008
I chose the damier Neverfull MM. The size is perfect, no vachetta to worry about, and I could easily fit diapers, bottles, a change of clothes, and his stuffed blue puppy in there, along with all of my stuff. It's been perfect for when I just needed to carry stuff for a quick trip out or dinner with the folks.
Now that he's approaching a year old, I think I may put it up for awhile and start using my Speedy again.
I had also looked at the Totally, but at the time it was only in Azur, so I worried about possible stains, but in monogram I'm sure it would be great. I still want one, and I'm going to Charleston this weekend, so who knows? :graucho:


Handbag Connoisseur
Feb 7, 2009
i love my monty and i don't think it screams diaper bag. it will be roomy enough to throuh everything in or you can get an organizer to keep their things seperate=. although the totally does scream diaper bag, it does SAY diaper bag. the neverfull is an everybody/everyday bag so nyone can use it for anything. i vote for the monty