CALLING ALL LV LOVERS: please HELP my very confused sister.

  1. Please please help. I have just joined this purseblog-addiction after being introduced to it by my sister. But now, she needs your help now! She wants to purchase a new LV and is very undecided and confused. Here is the low down to help with any advise you can offer:
    1. Sis needs something she can use everyday
    2. Sis has kids - runs around all day
    3. Sis is 5'1 (nothing too big)
    4. Sis is a casual and carefree person and is looking for something with a little passaz but versatile
    5. Sis has several other LVs --- Damier/Mono
    6. Sis initially had her eye on a mono cherry and now has her eye on a white LV AND
    7. my Sis is going to kick my :censor:. :P :P
    8-worst of all (and this is not for the faint hearted), she may be making her decision based on price differences (come on... in the grand scheme of the LV world, 100 bucks here or there is not going to make a difference) lol

    all kidding aside, she NEEDS professional help from the Pro's... and since i know she will read this threat and hopefully realize its about her, I am hoping to save one LV from being placed in the back of the closet for years to come after she realizes its not as practical as eluxury described :hysteric: from one LV sis to another!! lol

    oh, did i mention that she does not even like using her LV Monogram Batignolles Horizontal anymore? Help this lost LV lover, please. pics are of her current lv's thanks so much Desparately helping Sis
    lv sis.jpg sis lv 2.jpg
  2. The Aureila MM?

  3. Welcome to PF,

    What kind of LV bags your sis own??
  4. I am the mother of 3 small children and while I adore my Manhattan PM, I have fallen in love with the ease and comfort (not to mention , beauty) of my epi petit noe. I was caught out in the rain today and had no worries at all! Not to mention, I bought it used and it is already 6 years old...looks brand new!

  5. Hmmm... I would suggest something from the damier line. A shoulder bag perhaps so she doesn't have to worry about her kids getting ahold of her Louis and dirtying the vachetta. Which LVs does she currently have?
  6. maybe the saleya pm? no vachetta to worry about for an everyday bag...
  7. Manhattan PM!!!
  8. Epi is great with kids! LVRawks is right on with the beautiful Noe. perfect bag for everyday & it is elegant enough for a night out.
  9. thanks so much bagsnbags.
    She has the Damier Marais and the Monogram Batignolles Horizontal.
    (pics from eluxury)[​IMG][​IMG]
  10. Saleya MM--easy to clean kids' goo off of it, elegant piece, not much to fuss around with since it has one zipper, fits on shoulder, and it seems to hold quite a bit. Or if she needs a bigger bag, there's the GM with a pocket in the front. Although that size may overpower her frame.
  11. thanks so much Melocoton... i agree; just saw it on elux and its would be perfect for her...
  12. My vote also goes to the Saleya MM. She could also look at some of the shoulder bags in Epi. I don't know too much about the Epi line so maybe someone else can make a suggestion for that. :biggrin:
    1. Sis needs something she can use everyday Popincourt haut/damier speedy
    2. Sis has kids - runs around all day Sayela *pm*
    3. Sis is 5'1 (nothing too big) Popincourt haut/damier speedy*25*/Sayela *pm*
    4. Sis is a casual and carefree person and is looking for something with a little passaz but versatile damier speedy*25*

  13. I'm a mom of 2 and I would love to tote around a white multicolor LV. The ease of the one-strap style best suits the busy mom lifestyle. She might consider the white MC Boulogne (altho I read there are issues with the closure part) or white MC Eliza for her petite frame, with the latter being a little more spunky.

    pics from
    p10549793_ph_hero.jpg p11224595_ph_hero.jpg
  14. For a first LV, i'd definitly say something monogram! and if she wants something a little jazzy then the perfo monogram speedy is perfect!!