Calling all LV cleaning experts!


Apr 9, 2007
I just purchased a Gucci joy boston bag with the coated monogram canvas, and my new brown shirt stained the side of the bag. I know that many LV bags have the same problem, so I was wondering if anyone has tried anything new that worked. I have already tried the magic eraser, baby wipes, and make-up remover which all helped a little, but the stain is still there. Someone suggested Oxyclean, but I haven't read anything about using that on coated canvas. Any suggestions from the experts?

I appreciate any help in advance! I've only had the bag about a week, and I'm so upset!
Apr 23, 2007
A member had great results removing black dye (from her overcoat)on a LV bag and also on the vachetta leather using a facial milk cleanser (one which does not require rinsing, states this on the bottle). The member took photos of her lockit bag before and after the milk cleanser use and it looked fabulous! Good Luck! Do a search milk cleanser under the LV forum and you should come across it, it was about a month or two ago.