Calling all Luxe/luxury ligne handbag owners for help!!!

  1. I'm soo sorry Pfers that I've been constantly asking questions about this bag. So, just two weeks ago, i finally bought the matte black medium bowler; i thought i'd be really happy with it, but I think I might like the metallic black bowler more. Pursemaven's wonderful SA Joseph tracked one down for me; he said it is made from calfskin though? I didn't realize that there was a metallic black bowler in calfskin, i had thought that it only came out in goatskin and deerskin (or am I wrong?) so anyways, tell me Pfers, which bag will i love more, the goatskin or "calfskin" in the metallic black bowler. or will, i end up regretting it and loving the matte black more. Any advice would be helpful! Also, I know this bag is a few months old by now, so have more PFers experienced any peeling or loss of shape in the bag?
    :heart:, evy

    ps thanks in advance! and sorry for the super long thread!
  2. I don't think that the metallic black was ever made in calfskin. Maybe you can ask him to double check? In my opinion, I like the metallic goatskin more than the matte bowler. I feel like the matte version seems a bit "washed out". The sheen of the metallic gives the bag that extra something!
  3. I very much prefer the metallic in this style. I have the metallic black flap and it just shimmers beautiful like black diamonds. I'm surprised that some are made from calfskin though. I would ask to double check or look at the tag yourself.

    Good luck!!! And please post pics if you do decide to get her! :heart:

  4. so it turns out my SA was mistaken. They only made the metallic in goatskin (i also called the chanel 800 number to confirm) He has located one for me, and supposedly there are more out there in Saks, so if anyone is searching for this black metallic medium bowler (2160$), just PM me and i will give you this wonderful SA's name.:yes: I will definitely post pics when they arrive; he will be calling me on Wednesday to take my order..ahhh i have to wait soo long! (best part is yet to come: i don't have to pay sales tax since it's out of state! :roflmfao: )
  5. The metallic black is great. I've had it since it first came out and there has been no peeling at all! You'll love it!
  6. Evychew, I Am So Glad It Worked Out For You! Joseph Always Comes Through And Finds Whatever It Is That You Are Looking For. I Love The Metallic Goatskin So Much More Than The Calfskin. I Think You Will Love It! Please Let Us Know What You Think When You Receive It.