Calling all Love Me owners!

  1. Ladies, I just read from a poster that the straps fall off the shoulders very easily on the Love Me. I'm getting a little worried because I just ordered one myself.

    I have a very active toddler and having the straps sit comfortably and stay put are a priority. Please let us know your thoughts on the Love Me especially with the straps. Thanks for your input!!!!!
  2. I've got kiddos and I haven't had a problem with the straps staying on...especially as the bag gets smooshier. I just do the "outside-strap-tucked-under-the-inside strap" trick and the straps stay up. And I don't have an issue with the single shoulder strap (which is longer) staying on my shoulder either...

    I do agree that probably for completely hands-free a cross-body bag is probably better - but that's what all the other bags are for :graucho:!
  3. I've only had mine for a few days, but have had no problems with the straps staying up. (and I have little ones too). It really is a beautiful bag!
  4. Thanks. I really hope like you, I don't have that strap issue either. I feel bad for those that do on the forum.

    What color did you get? And you love the Love me? LOL

    I can't wait till mine arrives, hopefully by Saturday. I'll post details.....