Calling all Lambskin owners!!! Help required!

  1. Hi, I'm in a complete pickle trying to decide whether to keep my caviar flap (black, medium) or to exchange for the lambskin. I have to make a decision by tomorrow because I have to post it back. Please can all those classic flap lambskin owners tell me about their experiences with lambskin. Maybe someone who has had their lambskin for a few years and can tell me what the condition of it is now? I want a bag I can have for life and one I can use every weekend day and night, as this will be my first and only chanel bag. I know this points to caviar being the best option, however,the caviar just disappoints me - it's too hard and rigid and boxy. Please help me ladies! What are your lambskin experiences? Thanks!
  2. Hello honeybunch,
    I have 2 Chanel 2.55 lambskin for almost 3 years. They are still in very good condition but I do baby them a lot. Lambskin does need a lot of care, especially for the flaps as they are very soft - I stored mine once improperly in its dust bag and the chain handle left a mark on the bag itself :sad:
    So if you want a flap to carry around everyday, the caviar is really the easy , no-fuss, worry-free option. You can carry a lambskin around with you everyday but you really have to be careful.
    Hope this helps. :smile:
  3. Thank you Princessimp. Do you use your lambskin bags everyday?
  4. ITA with Princessimp, If you want to use your bags everyday at the weekend and it will be your first and only Chanel I would stick to caviar. The Caviar does slightly soften over time, whereas lambskin bags scatch and mark too easily.
  5. Do lambskin bags tend to squash down from wearing them as a double strap resting under your arm?
  6. Honey, I think you know you need to return the caviar ;)

    Its not your perfect bag. I truly believe you would look after your lambskin well, as, as you say, its going to be your one and only bag, so you will do everything you can to look after it. If you are sending this one back, just follow it up with a phone call, as because of our postal strikes, it may take longer to arrive back at the chanel store, so they should be more accomodating than usual on a return :smile:
  7. overtime the lambskin will deflate and the quilting will no longer look like little pillows but squashed down little pillows...but i DO love lambskin its so soft and nice :heart:
  8. If you stuff the bag after use every day, will it still deflate?
  9. Honeybunch Since you are not getting any other bag soon( I won't say ever hehe!;)) and you want something not for everyday I think lambskin is fine plus the luxurious look/feel of it ! Concerning extra care it certainly needs it but I think all lambskin owners are doing their best! I try to be more careful of other people close to me when carrying lambskin bags rather than myself lol!
    I think in the long run it carries its shape and look better than caviar!:yes:
  10. Chloe-babe and Chanelspell, you have been really helpful, and what you are saying is right - I know I have to send the caviar back because I am obviously so unhappy with it. I took it out of its box just now and it so didn't look worth the money I'd spent on it. I much prefer the luxury and softness of lambskin. I'm going to send the caviar back tomorrow morning and I so hope it's the right decision. Chanelspell, do you use any of your lambskins daily? Chloe-babe, are you in the UK too? Have you ever been caught in the rain with the lambskin?
  11. I've had my lambskin flap for over 7 years now and it still looks perfect. I admit that it's not a everyday bag for me, but like you I relly prefer the lambskin over caviar. As long as your not super hard on your bags, I think you should be fine.
  12. Fortheloveofbags, how often do you use it? Also, do you condition the bag and stuff it?
  13. Hi honeybunch, yes I am in the UK! I just cover myself with an umbrella and it seems fine. I havent had her in a major rainstorm, but then I wouldnt want to be in one myself anyhow lol!!!

    I sooo think you are doing the right thing. A bag this special needs to be perfect, and as much as I know that the caviar is the practical choice, if its not right, its not right, so follow your heart, pay the extra and get your dream one, I really think its the right thing to do :smile:
  14. Sounds like you're not even happy with the caviar, so why don't you return it and get the lambskin, or reissue?
  15. You should definitely send the black caviar flap back. I totally understand how you feel, because I have never liked the flap in black caviar. I have the jumbo flap in white caviar and I love it, but the black caviar flap just does not do it for me. I do have lambskin bags (clutch, tote, BQ bowler). I sprayed both the red clutch and brown tote with a water repellant and they came out fine - no color change. You do have to be a bit more careful with them but I do not think they are overly fragile. I have not used the bowler yet but intend to spray that one too.