Calling all ladies with Bubble Quilt bags

  1. I have seen many of the beautiful bubble quilt bags that the ladies here own. My first impression was that this bag was absolutely beautiful but now that I have made my purchases, I am having second thoughts.
    So my question is for the ladies who have carried their bubble quilts, do you still love this bag as much as you did on day 1, do you feel that it will look dated in a few months or will it stand the test of time. Any other comments are greatly appreciated.

    Here are my purchases (also not sure if I should keep both of these). The Chanel bug recently bit me and now I am really craving a black patent reissue but I understand that these bags are extremely rare. Here are the dark beige bowler tote and green large flap.
    PICT0003.JPG PICT0004.JPG PICT0006.JPG
  2. Well I love this line so all you are going to hear from me are positive things.

    I actually didn't think much of them in pictures but once I saw them in person I was hooked. Just GORGEOUS!

    I love both of your choices and that green flap is very hard to find. I wouldn't let that baby go!
  3. I don't have one (just wish I did) but think your purchases are gorgeous. I just want to give each one a big hug! My only concern would be how the puffiness ages, but I doubt that would even be an issue for a long time, if it ever was. They are just gorgeous!
  4. I have a dark beige bowler as well. I absolutely LOVE this bag. I was not initially attracted to it but the more I saw it, I had to have it. I am still in love, the leather is buttery soft, the color is so dimensional. The bowler style is perfect for me and I really like the matte gold hardware too. Never thought I'd love this bag as much as I do, but I do.:love:
  5. I've bought the dark beige large flap from Nordstrom in Sept and I still love my bag. I have recently bought the Metallic Black Reissue but it is of a complete different style.

    If you have to let go of one of the BQ, I will suggest keep the dark beige bowler. This is a more classic color and will stand the test of time.

    Just to give you some more assurance, the BQ is still a very sought after piece in HK(it's been sold out months ago) and occasionally I see some BQ bag in the second hand shop and the price is almost 50% more than the original price in the shop.
  6. I like the look of the BQ collection and bought a BQ flap. But, I eventually returned it because it looks like the lambskin will be torn or scratched easily...:sad:
    If it is calfskin, it will be a keep for me.
  7. I almost got a dark beige bowler on the EGC day too but at last minute I decided not to becasue I am not sure if I will still love/use it after winter. IMHO the puffiness is good with winter clothing, but too much for summer lighter weight clothes. Plus i think I had the urge to buy becasue of the gift card and the price increase. Is the bubble quilt going to be affected by the price increase?
    I would rather get a black metallic reissue for what I am paying.
  8. i like the dark green one better, the dark beige looks a little dirty to me and i prefer dark colors especially on the delicate lambskin! i would get the patent reissue though, IMHO. bubble quilts are cute but lambskins are a big no-no for me, so it actually depends on every individual's preference. good luck on your decision and let us know when you've decided! ;)
  9. It's funny everyone thinks lambskin is so delicate, but if you pay attention to all of the vintage flap bags on eBay about 80% of them are lambskin and in very good condition.:yes:
  10. ^^^Sort of off topic, but ITA Mon.

    "Lambskin = BAD" has sort of become a tPF myth and mantra. I've actually gotten tired of responding to threads about lambskin's durability, because there are just so many threads, and sometimes members who are responding have never actually owned a lambskin bag themselves.

    I owned a Chanel lambskin bag for two years, and I've said time and again, yes, you have to be a bit more careful with lambskin than caviar bags, but it's surprisingly durable and any scatches easily rub out with your fingertip. The lusciousness of the leather is well worth the trouble. (And aren't most of us tPFers super-careful with our bags to begin with?)
  11. I think you should keep them! They are gorgeous! I tried to get one of those like the flay you have or any of them, really, but I am just too late; way too late :sad:

    keep them, they are great!
  12. I think you should definately keep the green that is SUPER rare! Then get a flap if you are unsure about the bowler
  13. I'm not super-careful but I don't go throwing it around either. If lambskin wasn't durable enough Chanel wouldn't use it on so many of their lignes.
  14. Hi Smoothoprter, I like the texture of lambskin a lot and also own a few Chanel bags in lambskin, including ultimate soft and classic flaps. So far, they have been holding up pretty nicely. In fact, I often use my ultimate soft for my casual outfit, and there is no scratch or stain on it so far. :tup:
    However, for some unknown reason, I was quite worried that the BQ flap's lambskin would be more fragile than the US after seeing how one displayed BQ flap was worn at the bottom of the back (even though I know that it's more likely to happen with a displayed item). :push:
  15. Thank you to to all you ladies for your very helpful comments. I have decided that I am going to keep both and use the EGC that I received from this purchase to fund another Chanel bag, perhaps I can find the black patent reissue at Saks. It's like a vicious cycle.

    I was originally hoping to find the green large flap that is the longer style (as in vertically longer), and the longer strap allows the bag to hang lower on the body, sorry not sure what the exact name is. But unfortuantely my SA was only able to locate this style.

    I have owned several Chanel lambskin bags and I agree that they hold up very well. My mother has lambskin Chanel bags from the 80s that are still in great condition. The lambskin leather looks very soft and delicate, but in fact it is extremely durable.

    Thanks ladies!