~*~*Calling all Ladies with a Medium Hampton Siggie Carryall!!!~*~*

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  1. Greetings, fellow COACH enthusiasts!!!!

    I am considering the Medium Hamptons Signature Carryall, in khaki/chestnut as pictured below:
    I was wondering if any owners of ANY Medium Hampton Carryalls can post pics of yourselves wearing them, and maybe telling me your height, or at least telling me whether you enjoy carrying it or not. Hopefully I will get one for Christmas.....*hopes and wishes*

    Thanks a bunch!!!! :heart:
  2. Hi there! I have last years' version of this in black/black signature. It is such an elegant bag. It fits nicely over my shoulder, even with a winter coat (although I dont wear big bulky down coats - just a nice long wool-type coat). I'm about 5" tall, fairly petite in frame. I love this bag and carried it throughout the year last year. Now I wanna go get it out again! If I remember correctly the one I have has that kinda half-zipper than everyone dislikes, but it doesnt really bother me at all.
  3. Thanks so much for the info! I think this will be a great bag to take to work. I really love it's structure!
  4. Yes its a beautiful work bag for sure. I recently became a SAHM but my tastes still gear towards the "professional" edge! I figure they can always be jazzed up w/a scarf or some charms, right?! More stuff to get! :tup:
  5. Oh for sure! Thanks, donnalynn!

    Does anyone have pics of themselves wearing this bag? Or even a pic of the bag itself w/ your stuff inside. I want to get a feel for how big it is,and if my stuff will fit. Thanks!
  6. I have this bag in blk/blk and I can fit all of the following:

    - wallet
    - mini skinny
    - wristlet
    - makeup bag
    - cell phone
    - hand cream
    - keys
    - lipgloss, Tide Pen, pens in zippered pocket
    - gum

    I do not carry this on my shoulder. It's either in the crook of my arm or in my hand.
  7. Thanks so much for the info! That's a lot of stuff!
  8. Can anyone tell me if there is a seperating zipper part in the bag? Because I hate that. I hope it's just a hollow bag.
  9. It's a hollow bag.