Calling All Ladies Who Live In England!

  1. Hey ladies, so i am going to be visiting england in June and while i am there i would love to shop some, but the dollar sucks over there!!! :s

    i want to ask if there are any particular areas you recommend shopping? are there good sales? any type of bags i should stear clear of as the dollar is so weak, that i should just save for buying in the US??

    any advice would be great!!! I havent been since i was 12, now i am 22 and i think i am going to enjoy it much much more but i dont know where to start!!

    The area i will be staying in is South Kensington, London. But of course with the tube i can go wherever!

    THANKS LADIES!!! :smile:
  2. Hey there

    June is a good time to visit there may be some sales on at that point. Your best bet really is London especiallly in Sloane Street where all the designer stores are. You have of course Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

    Happy Shopping!
  3. Yep, June is a good time for shopping - sales in UK are great (but then you are used to that from US I guess - here in continental Europe sales tend not to be that great offers).

    you definitely have to go to Topshop (not necessarily for the bags although they do some nice ones) - English H&M only better. I would check out Liberty's on Regent Street and Harvey Nics/Selfridges/Harrods.

    But honestly, I would only look into English brands like Pringle, Anya Hindmarch, Tanner Krolle, Lulu Guiness etc - bec the rest I think you get about the same price in US. Have fun!
  4. If you want smaller boutiques head for Notting Hill - thats where Matches and The Cross are.

    For small designers and more quirky things definately go to Liberty in Regent Street. The big stores, Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Selfridges are always a must!

    When are you coming in June? Most sales start mid to end of June.
  5. Hi from London! Well it's got to be Liberty, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols (probably in that order for me), then Matches is a great recommendation and in Notting Hill/Wimbledon. You might also want to check out some English brands that are likely to be more available and I'd suggest Anya Hindmarch (a handy branch near where you'll be staying), Mulberry (flagship store just down from Harrods) and stores around Sloane Street/Kings Road that are UK based such as Pickett, Aspinal, Allegra Hickman etc and you shouldn't forget chic boutiques such as The Cross for up and coming designers . . .ooh, I am so vicariously excited for you!
  6. p.s. if you're up for a train rather than just a tube ride, the Bicester Village option (about 60 minutes from London) is well worth a look and I saw today in a VIP invitation that they stock Anya Hindmarch, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood etc - plus you'd get to see some good old English countryside . . .!
  7. ^^ Bicester Village - Welcome

    Wow, I never knew about this, - I have to go (just went to the outlets near the South Coast)

    Thanks for the tip Miss Sooky - you always learn something new.
  8. Oh Bicester is great - they have a Jimmy Choo store there over Christmas too!
  9. ^^ They do?! Let me see, it must be a mere 350 days or so to go . . .!
  10. Yes they had it last year and this year.....I think it closes about this time each year and reopens in December
  11. I would not recommend going to Harrods though, it is VERY crowded. I get tired from it and it's nt really a pleasant shopping experience IMO:
  12. ^^ I think Harrods is more an 'experience' than a real shopping destination, but if you do decide to go, head over there either when they open at 10 a.m. or between about 4.30 and 6 which is when most of the day shoppers are heading home and before the office spenders are released for the evening. Also, study the store guides before you set off, so you can move purposefully and not get distracted. I don't go to Harrods often, and never for handbags, but when I do determination and focus is everything!
  13. Oh, and you might also want to find a branch or two of LK Bennett in Notting Hill, Kings Road or anywhere central as they have some really lovely, original and reasonable bags along with the great shoes. And don't forget Jaegar too do a bag line which is small but reliably gorgeous - head for the flag ship store on Regent's Street - handily down from Liberty. And one final recommendation - Fenwicks - always overlooked (including by me) and always intriguing in its range. Phew, I wish I were you!
  14. o my goodness ladies thanks SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! my excitement just went from like a 4 to a 50 reading all your great rec's. !!

    I dont know quite when we are going i think from the 8th to the 20th or something like that?
    I am so excited but i have NO IDEA how much $$ i should set aside for a shopping spree

    any ideas? ballpark what you think a good amt of american $$ would be to set aside to get , well i would really just love 1 great bag (i dont tend to spend in the US more then about $500 on a bag so nothing in the 1000 range)
    And maybe a nice piece of jewelry?

    those are the things i will be looking for and i am going to try and hit all the places you guys mentioned, i just have to figure out how in the world to find them!!!!

    if you could tell me where in relation to s. kensington these places are? like do i take the tube far? or walk or :smile: haha obviously i am new at this!

  15. You need to get yourself a London A-Z book when you arrive - it'll have all the maps and info in it you need! It's very easy to get the tube around London. harvey nicholls, harrods and some of the designers shops like Tanner krolle etc are all within a short walk of each other in Knightsbridge.