Calling all ladies that have the dark silver classic E/W flap...

  1. Hi fellow tpfers, I have recently ordered this dark silver E/W classic flap from NM. I am anxiously waiting for it to arrive these few days. :push:
    In past, I have turned my back on several metallic flaps (e.g. lt silver, dark silver, metallic black reissues, etc.) because I did not fall in love with their color (maye be I was insane :p).
    Thus, I am kinda nervous now. Will I like this E/W flap in this dark silver color (I have attached a photo by eBay seller dgjeans)?
    I remember that a few tpfers bought this dark silver flap back in Sept/Oct. How do you like this dark silver flap so far? Do you like this color a lot?
    You opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks! :flowers:

    (Note: I've always wanted a silver bag from Chanel, but so far, none of them has caught my heart yet. I hope I have found THE ONE this time ;))
  2. Bumping this for you
  3. love that bag