Calling all please!!!

  1. Let me start out by saying in no way shape or form is this any kind of advertisement....OK that being said, my husband decided that maybe we should try to make some $$$$ with my shopping addiction, so we are starting a website seliing various fashion items...I need your honest feedback please on our homepage choices, because we are disagreeing as to which is the most appealing. Our target audience is probably between about 22-40 (?). and the issue is that he thinks the design may look too teenagerish!!! Please tell me what you think of the pics I am putting up...which one is your favorite....and any criticism is welcome. Thanks in advance....:biggrin:
    Screenshot_2.jpg Screenshot_4.jpg Screenshot_5.jpg
  2. HOw fun! I really like the 1st and 3rd ones with the 3rd being my most favorite. Good luck on this exciting new endeavor!
  3. I would change the colors you are using for your website if you want to appeal to 22-40. I would use grey, turqoise, orange, maybe red.
  4. I like the first one the best. You need to tone down some of the colors because I person can not stay on a site too long if their eyes are strained.
  5. Thank you, thank you....keep them coming!!!!
  6. I like the first one it's less busy IMO.
  7. And by the won't say jewelleries!!!!!!!
  8. I like the third one the best. I like it the best because it has distinctive focal points but I think by changing the color of the background you will achieve even better results.
    It seems like you put in a lot of effort into making this happen, best luck with it. let us know the website after it's completed and we will spread the word for you!
  9. Yes, it has been a huge effort....6 months in the making....the background was pink, and the website was ready to go online when my DH decided to make some changes.....thanks for the support....we will probably need all we can get!! It has been fun though...I am shopping for handbags ALL the time!
  10. I like the third one the most.
    And I don't know if it was intentional, but there's a nice 1960's-ish quality to the design.
  11. Third one.
  12. I like the third one, it pops out more and gets my attention more.

    Good luck!!
  13. I think it looks very young. I like the third one the best.
  14. the first one
  15. How young???? Teenager young???? Seems like the third is the leader so far....thanks everyone for all the feedback!!1