Calling all Kusama white NF Owners...

  1. Please post some modeling pics if you don't mind. I'd really like to see this on someone. TIA :biggrin:
  2. I'm having a "bad hair" day, as soon as I get pretty I will post it! I cant wait to get my white NF to modeling session!
  3. Lol ok. No problem! ;)
  4. Yes, modeling pics please. Pls include height for reference if you don't mind. Thanks ladies!
  5. and wide????
  6. Yes good thinkin :smile:
  7. Awwww come on now, no picking on yourself! I'm sure your modeling pics will be awesome! ;)
  8. Totally agree! Love yourself...curves and all. I'm sure your modeling pics will be great!
  9. Queen of speedys is crossing over :queen: wow :speedy:
  10. Hello :smile: modeling picture with my new YK NF
    Sorry I don't have a good mirror. Have to stand on my tub to get a full body picture :$

    I am 5'4" 115 lbs for reference :smile:
  11. Great!!!! Congratulations to our first participant!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  12. I need a shoulder bag! And, I don't want a common one! The red was too much for me, might cross over with a white. Lol dont know yet :smile:
  13. Thank you!! It's adorable! Looks great on you!! :smile:
  14. Thanks for sharing! The white NF looks good on you. I have to resist going to the store...I'm banned u see. I'll just live vicariously through you.
  15. Thank you. I always wanted a NF. But didn't move forward because of the cloth tag. The YK NF is perfect!! Such a great timing. I was almost totally giving up buying Louis in North America :smile: