~~~ Calling all Kristin Sage/Tote Mushroom Python owners ~~~


Apr 8, 2007
For those of you who have either the Sage or the tote, I was wondering if you have been carrying her. And if so, have you had any flaking issues with the gunmetal rings? Or any liftin of the scales?

My mushroom python Sage is due to arrive tomorrow and I'm concerned about these two things.

TIA for your input! :smile:


No 6-month pin 4 me!
Mar 5, 2010
Hi! Indeed, you are correct...I haven't used my mushroom python sage yet...Yes, I thought I'd wait to use her til Fall. Didn't see this one going to the outlet so rather than play wait and see, I bought her during the end of March PCE. I remain concerned that the metal rings may flake since the shell sage bags were problematic. I LOVE the bag and think it will be a great Sage bag for fall weather, since the leather is a darker shade. I also bought the woven mushroom so that's why I chose to delay using the python as well. I wish I could be more helpful....Sorry!


May 5, 2007
Hi Keokicat! May I ask you a question? Are your gunmetal rings a plastic or a metal? I had the shell Kristin tote (one of the originals) and the darker or gunmetal rings were actually more like a coated plastic type ring. I don't know if it was plastic or something else but definitely not metal. I took it back as they started flaking immediately upon using. I just received a redone shell Kristin tote and the gunmetal rings are actually metal this time and I do not think they are going to flake