Tech Calling all Kindle owners! Kindle (new gen.) vs. Kindle DX

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  1. My DH is giving me a Kindle for my birthday and I can't decide which would best fit my lifestyle.

    I would primarily use the kindle at lunch time--I eat at a lot of lunch counters--and during the weekends at home or at the beach. Are they even safe for the beach?

    I like the size of the 8" x 5" Kindle, but feel the Kindle DX might be easier to read as you get a few paragraphs per page instead of one or two. Storage isn't a concern, as I can't imagine reading more than 1,500 books during the lifespan of a modern piece of technology and I do not plan on using this for work.

    I've read that the Kindle DX has a few additional options:
    - Is rotating display important? What would be the benefit of rotating display?
    - Kindle DX pages turn quicker, but I'm not sure if that's been fixed in the new generation of the smaller version.
    - Bigger size so you can read more at once.

    I really wish these were sold in stores somewhere so I could play with both and figure out what I want!

  2. I don't have a Kindle but I looked at the website. I think the DX would be a better choice because of the large screen and also the rotating display. It's an amazing device! Might as well go for the DX. Have fun reading!!!
  3. I had the Kindle 1 and now have the Kindle 2. I haven't felt the need to go for the DX because I think it would too big to pack around and take along on trips or in my purse and it would be cumbersome to read in bed, where I do most of my reading.

    The Kindle 2 pages turn MUCH faster than on the Kindle 1 so yes, that has been fixed.
  4. Thanks camommyof3 and peace43! It's very frustrating that there isn't a way to test them both out before buying...virtually buying something I've never played around with is difficult.

    I'm glad to hear the pages turn faster on the Kindle 2. I think that's the one I'm going to end up buying.
  5. I think I've decided on the Kindle 2. I won't be purchasing for a week or two, so if someone else has some sage advice, I'd love to hear it!
  6. Kindle 2 owner here!
    I absolutely love it and it is just the right size for casual reading. It even fits in my LV soufflot. You can adjust the size of the font on the Kindle 2.

    Don't forget that if you get a book and decide that you don't need it on your kindle, you can archive it. It just goes to a "special place" and you can access it whenever you want it back on your kindle easily.

    I got mine for my birthday in March and I can easily say that it is the best thing in electronics since the ipod! :smile:
  7. My husband had a Kindle 1, and I jumped on the 2 when it came out. I disappointed that they released the DX so quickly after the 2 because I think I would have gotten that one. But as everyone has pointed out, it's not like we can go to a store and compare them side by side. So maybe I wouldn't even like it!
  8. Just to add some food for thought. I have been invited to participate in the Amazon Vine Program where they send me items to try out and keep and leave honest reviews. A few lucky Viners are receiving a new color screened Kindle to test. I don't know when it may be expected to drop but it sounds promising!
  9. ^^ Just read more info on it...

    "It is designed for the disabled, so it has a built-in camera, voice activated commands AND a personal assistant all built in"
  10. The color version sounds interesting...but expensive! Will you be getting a color version to review?
  11. Nope, I don't get to test it out this time around. I hope to get in on the next round. I've been offered items ranging from books, cds, food products, underwater camera, GPS. I just realized that there is a certain day and time you have to be online to snag the items offered to you (you are selected based on past purchases) because once they run out, that's it. But I'm hoping amazon will want more feedback on the color Kindle. I'd love to try it out. But I do agree, the new color Kindle sounds like it would be expensive and I don't even use the voice commands on my car's Navigation so it probably wouldn't be worth it for me.
  12. We can only hope that the voice commands on the Kindle will be superior to those on the GPS!

    There's a link on Amazon that takes you to a page that says "see a kindle in your city" and there are people "showing" them in my area but it seems like kind of a weird thing to do since they're all private owners.
  13. I just ordered a DX to try it out... it may be too big for me. I like a lightweight bag so we'll see how that goes. Also, what's the benefit for color if/when it comes out? It just sounds like more money for something unnecessary... text is black and white!!
  14. ^^ Can't wait to hear about your DX. Please come back and post once it arrives.

    I think color would be helpful for business people using the Kindle to read PDFs.
  15. You can subscribe to newspapers, magazines and blogs on the Kindle so the color screen would be nice for those applications. I only read books on mine so I think a color screen doesn't appeal to me as much, especially for a greater price.