Calling All Judith Leiber owners

May 22, 2009
Hi All

While trying t find a perfect clutch for a wedding to match a very specific navy I've recently become somewhat obsessed with Judith Lieber minaudiere's and decided to log on here and see what info was on TPF about her designs/durability/wearability etc and I was surprised not to find anything other than a passing mention in a few threads. (Possibly I used the search function incorrectly):shame:

Anyhow from my research it seems her bags are considered collectors items in many cases. I was hoping to get some ideas of how to wear one by finding some pictures of some tpf'ers wearing a clutch with evening wear then also some more casual with jeans and top etc.

I've totally fallen in love with them just from pictures on the web and intend getting into one of her stores asap to view the real thing. In advance of seeing them I am torn between getting the colour to match the dress for this one event or should I go neutral or should I get 2 or go all out and get one of the fabulous animals that she has.

This will delay my next H purchase so I want to be sure I'm not just being easily distracted by the bling....
Does anyone own one, or two...and have pictures they'd like to share??




love shopping!!!
Jun 18, 2008
i have the judith leiber camel minaudiere from years back. Probably i've had it 10 years now. I've used it a few times, but the crystals come off a lot. I sent it in for service already once. I feel it's more a collectable and I'll only use it on special occassions.

edited to add: here is a photo of the one i have. the camel in the back