Calling ALL Jimmy Choo Ramona & Riki Owners!

  1. I remember reading/hearing somewhere, perhaps here, that JC bags can have quality issues, i.e. hardware falling off, etc. I think this problem may have been more common with the Tulita line. Anyways, if you own a Ramona or a Riki, could you let me know how it's held up. Have you had any problems with the bag? Thanks, in advance!
  2. The only thing I have heard is that the leather isn't as good on fall's bags compared to other seasons.
  3. I've had the Theola Ross since fall '05 and I've had the Theola Ramona since very early this year. Used both plenty of times... never had a problem with either one. Hardware, leather, etc... are good as new. :smile:
  4. My stone Ramona is holding up very well. Love it! No issues whatsoever!
  5. I have three Ramona bags. All are in excellent condition!
  6. Thanks ladies for the input! I think I might be coming home with a new addition tomorrow :P