Calling all J12 Owners!

  1. I got my J12 White 38mm with diamond markers a couple weeks ago... I LOVE IT!!! And I got a grrrreat discount on it..yeah!

    I finally got it sized this past weekend and It fits perfectly on my small wrist.

    But, my questions is....

    How well does this watch hold up?

    Since its a large watch, I've been accidently bumping it into things.. and I freak!:wtf:

    Does anyone have a tips on keeping it looking new?

    Does it get marked up easily?

  2. Congrats! Where are the pics! I just got my j12 a few weeks ago during the EGC event. I ran it into a few shelves at the supermarket when I was shopping for groceries. Suprisingly nothing :tup:

    I've seen my friend buy some clothes called "Cape Cod" to clean his Rolex. But have no clue what it does ... if there is something you ladies use I'd love to know too!
  3. I have no idea how to post pics....LOL! I'm gonna work on it though.

    Where are all the j12 owners? WAKE UP! HAHAH!
  4. I have the plain white 38mm and accidently banged the face hard on a bolt that was sticking out of an old cutting board at work. I almost died! However there was not a single scratch on it! This watch is tough! I tend to swing my arms around so that is one of the reasons why I bought this watch. It can take the beating. Of course I try to be more cautious now. :sweatdrop:
  5. Wow ouch! I can imagine the feeling. Its good to know that a expensive watch can really hold up, well it should, for the price.
  6. No problems with either of mine and I wear it when I work out.
  7. I've had my black J12 with diamond bezel for a year now. This watch is indestructible! You can throw this watch on the ground and nothing will happen to the ceramic bracelet. Wear it and enjoy it in good health.
  8. I always try to be careful with my J12's, but I have smacked them into walls, shelves, door jamb's, my car, and NOTHING! No scratches at all, these are such durable watches, I'm so gald I got them. The SA told me they could take a beating, and he was 100% right.

    So wear it and don't worry about it, they hold up well.
  9. Oops, I forgot to ask....

    Are they waterproof?
  10. Yes, they are waterproof. So you can take a swim in the pool without being worried. I have a black and a white. They can surely be used during everything, I would not throw them in the ground deliberately, but the can take a drop. The sapphire glass never gets scratches, only diamonds can make marks on it. The weakest link on this watch is actually the metal parts holding the bracelet together.
  11. the ceramic is *I think* is the same stuff they use in space shuttles so as said it is practically indestructable I've had mine 2 years it looks no different from the first day
  12. Yes, it hold up very well:tup:
    i am wondering where do you get great discount on it??
    i am dying for a white one now.:wlae:thanks!!
  13. I heard that as far as "hard surfaces" goes, the ceramic that is used on the J12 is a number 9. A diamond is considered a 10, so only thing stronger is a diamond! Sounds indestructable to me. Go J12!!!
  14. I'm dying for one, too - white with diamonds (woo hoo!) I was hoping someone out there could help us figure out the best way to receive rewards or discounts - would love to know if Neimans has one in their catalog or which store has one in stock. (Going to re-open my Saks account too...)
  15. I was told when I purchased my J12 that it is extremely durable and I have found that to be true.