Calling all iphone users!!!!

  1. :shrugs:I have recently purchased an iphone! I love it!! I was thinking of getting the lv iphone case, some people told me they are not a big fan of it!

    Those of you who have an iphone, what do you use as a case. I was told that the hard plastic case is best !!

    Do you all use the LV case? Or what other suggestions do you have for me? thank you
  2. I have the mono case and I love it
  3. Do you have any trouble hearing the phone ring at att???
  4. i dont use the LV case. i acutally have a pink hard case that i bought at the apple store. the main reason i dont have the LV case is because you have to pull the phone out to use it...IMO that kind of beats the purpose of the case
  5. DO NOT USE THE PLASTIC CASE!!! - It's the most convinient, but it actually scratches the iphone. The chrome bazel around the face to be exact. Unfortunatelly I've learned the hard way:sad: The best in my opinion & I think the cheapest is the iPod sock, they sell them in a pack of six & it comes in different colors. BTW, I've stopped using any protection/cases on my iphone about 6 months ego. And if it wouldn't be for the previouse bazel scratches, it would look as good as new. These phones are pretty solid & actually are not fragile at all. HTH
  6. I wish LV would redesign their ipod case. (Yeah... then I'd have another LV piece to buy!) But, I want something that is easier to use and more protective of the investment I made in my iphone. I have an incase protective case in red. It is not what I would call hard plastic. It is more soft and pliable, and form-fits the phone with a textured surface for slip-proof handling. I also use a crystal film over the top of my phone, so there is no scratching whatsoever. Inexpensive and came in a pack of two, but I've had one on for at least 3-4 months now and it is still in perfect shape.
  7. How much do the iPhone LV cases cost?
  8. wow! lots of great ideas. Right now I have the lv iphone case, not sure I am keeping it, and I just purchased the hard plastic case from apple a pink and blue set. I will also check out the iskin too! But last time I used a skin it collected all kinds of lint etc and my ipod did not look good.

    If any of you have more ideas or a favorite ipone holder I would love more suggestions!! The iphone is very durable, however it has slipped out of my hand a few times and I have a few small scratches which I dont want to happen again. Does anyone know if the back can be changed and put on a new one?
  9. I have the LV iphone case and I love it.
  10. my phone isnt scratched at all :confused1:

    ive been using this case for a while now and it still looks new.
  11. I have a plastic case too and mine hasnt been scratched because of it despite me dropping it a few times. The only time I got it scratched is when I took it out of the plastic case for a day and dropped it when I was at the mall:sad: Boooo...
  12. I think the plastic hard case seems to be a favorite! I mean i love the LV case but feel that it will be a pain to pull it out when I want to use it and then it can slip out of my hand and I will drop it!! However with the plastic case it is always on and it will be protected if it drops! Can you charge it while it is in the case????

    The case I am thinking of comes in two, a pink and blue tint, from the apple store. Is that what all of you have?
  13. I have the plastic hard case and yes, you can definitely charge it while its in the case. You just can't use the dock.