Calling All Indonesians....=D

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  1. hi ladies,

    earlier today i received a pm from a fellow indonesian tpf asking if i was indonesian. when we found out that we were both indonesians, we were very excited and were wondering if there're any other indonesians on tpf.

    i saw the threads "calling all canadians" and "calling all malaysians". so, i thought it'd be nice to start one for indonesians too.... it'll be nice to see other indonesians:flowers:
  2. Hi Maria28....i'm Indonesian too...
    You're so right! I'm now very excited to know that there are other Indonesians on TPF :yes:

    Wooohooo! :wlae:
  3. hei also indonesian...glad to meet you all here...!
  4. Me too..

    From JKT
  5. another one here ^^

    nice to meet u all =D