Calling all Indigo owners - post your pics! A thread dedicated to 05 Indigo

  1. You know how much we all love 05 Indigo, but how many PF'ers actually own any style in this colour? Any pics please - does anyone have an Indigo Work , Box or Twiggy? I have seen a few Indigo City bags floating around the hallways of tPF...It's always yummy to see an Indigo First too! Bring it on!:yahoo:
  2. here's my indigo day
  3. Beautiful indigo day, Messengerbaglover!:love: Love your flowercharm on it, too! I have the same one and it's my favourite charms ever- it matches every bag sooo well! Congrats!:yes:
  4. I have an indigo city......will post a pic tomorrow.
  5. I also have an indigo city and will try my hand at posting a pic tomorrow but I will have to stop if it takes longer than 3 hrs cuz I need to clean the house...and if I can figure it out again the pic will be as big as a house :roflmfao:
  6. Thanks for the promises of Indigo pics, I look forward to it! I'll also post pics of my Indigo Twiggy soon (waiting for DH to give me back the camera). Lovely Indigo Day MBL!
  7. ^ooh I can't wait to see pics. I was actually admiring Jack osbourne's gf's indigo twiggy :yes:
  8. Ok, here are a couple pics of my indigo city. The color looks different depending on the lighting. One of my most used bbags.....I :heart: :heart: :heart: the color!


    IMG_3974_small.jpg IMG_3975_small.jpg
  9. here's my indigo city!


    isn't she pretty?! :heart:
  10. sold it, and regret it a lot :crybaby:

  11. Great thread, I love indigo.....Here's my indigo first! Such a beautiful blue...I wish I could find a coin purse to match!!
  12. :drool: I love everyone's bags. The leather looks amazing!

    Is the French Blue very similar to Indigo?
  13. Verty - do you have a pic of jack's gf's Indigo Twiggy?

    I think FB is more of an electric blue colour than Indigo. Indigo has a few purple undertones...
  14. Wow....i love all your indigo blue....sad to say that i used to own one in first bag but sold it away recently.....:noworry: :noworry:
  15. :cry: You're killin' me with this thread KDC... absolutely killin' me... ;)

    *sigh* No story needed behind the one in the picture... but when the time is right, that I can absorb a few brighter "fun" colors, along with my darker "professional" ones - the Indigo Day bag is going on my wish list!!!

    messengerbaglover - That bag is GORGEOUS!!! :drool: :drool: