calling all inclusion owners! girlz is this normal?!

  1. hello all :love:
    so i went yest. to my local LV to check on new vernis color. they said we have to wait a week or 2 more to get it! :push:

    so i got myself this transparent gorgeous inclusion ring which i madly LOVED when i tried it there! :heart:

    when i came home.. i was trying it again and spotted this strange beige tiny thing on one of the golden flowers. i tried to take a clear pic of it. its clearly not an air bubble since its colored.

    Girlz with inclusion.. is this normal? have u seen anything like it?? its not an air bubble. <<i wouldve been ok with that!
    its bugging me! and spoiled my joy!! :hysteric: if i am wearing the ring i could spot it easily! <<i blame myself why i didnt inspect it in the store!

    if u were me.. taking care that i might not find a replace in same size.
    what would u do?

    1- try to replace it that is.. if u found another one same size?
    2- live with it!! if u didnt find a replace
    3- exchange it for another item u want. and just forget about ur lovely ring since u cant live with less than perfect?

    i know i could count on u girlz!
    Thank u so much in advance :shame:
  2. Oh bugger. Go to the store and say that it bothers you. You would probably be able to exchange it to another item but then again you wouldn´t have inclusion :sad:
  3. If you can't live with it return it for something else.I doubt others would even notice the imperfection due to the size of the item,but I understand how you'd be less than pleased.
  4. unfortunatelly lv isn't flawless id say keep it it will get scratched anyway and you can't live without it...
  5. hmmm, i think there was a thread with a similar topic a while ago.

    One member (I don't remember who it was, sorry) had something like that in her inclusion bracelet. I'll try to dig out that thread ...

    If it's really bugging you, I'd say bring it back and try to get a replacement inclusion or something else you really enjoy. :yes: What's the use in keeping it if you are not 100% happy. :shame:
  6. i got this grey spot on my ring and i exchanged for a new one. it was an eye sore even though it was tiny but it bugged me. thank goodness it didn't take the store long to find me a ring my size.
  7. It looks like some of the coating on the flower peeled/chipped off :shrugs: . I think you should take it back to the store to see if they can exchange it for you. Good luck.
  8. thank u all for ur advice.. yes true its bugging me and i cant live with it!! i'll take it to see if replacement was a choice! else i'd exchange it for a gift i want for my sister in law! :shame:
  9. Yes, Jojo had the same problem with her bracelet. She returned it and got the perefct replacement ..flawless..
    I personally think you should exchange it..
  10. If i were you it would bother me...if you exchange it let us know what happened!
  11. I think I have one in my framboise ring..doesn't bother me though because it's on the side.
  12. I say return it...if your like'll never beable to let it go and not think about it, everytime you look at the ring, your eyes will go right to that spot.:cursing: . As much as we spend on LV should be perfect, or atleast close to it!! HAHA
  13. It looks pretty big...I'd say get it replaced!
    I thought you were talking about something tiny, but from the pic, although it's blurry, it looks pretty big in comparison to the size of the piece of jewelry.