Calling all inclusion bracelets owners!

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  1. Curious as to how well they wear? Do they scratch or break easily? Do you wear your inclusion bracelet every day? And, if something goes wrong with it, will LV fix it?

  2. I have several and wear them often. I haven't had any problems.
  3. I wear mine nearly everyday, and it still looks perfect :smile:
  4. I have one in Praline. Love it! wear it probably ever other day and it looks great. I have had it about 3 months..
  5. I wear an inclusion bracelet almost everyday and love them! I try to be careful, but occasionally I knock the bracelet against something. I haven't noticed any scratches. I don't wear inclusion bracelets together anymore because they do get a bit dull on the sides of the bracelet when they rub together (not as shiny).
  6. I have 2. I wear them often and haven't had any problems.
  7. Thanks for the responses, ladies! I guess, I was concerned if I am sitting at my desk at work and brush or hit the bracelet against the desk... just need some reassurance that it won't crack or scratch.
  8. Brushing it against a desk won't hurt it, just avoid concrete or stucco, those WILL scratch the Inclusions.
  9. Mine broke on like the 3rd day (mainly my fault, I dropped it).

    LV will NOT fix, exchange, or repair them from what I know because they're considered as "jewelery" and so there's that hygiene thing.
  10. Oh no that's terrible CEC. What happened? And how bad was the damage? :sad:
  11. I have a few and wear them maybe once a week. No problems. But like peace said, when you wear more then one they do rub together and it dulls them. I still do it because I like the look.
  12. haha, for sure, my desk is made of plastic. But it's a hard surface and I didn't know how sturdy the bracelets are.
  13. oh, that's terrible :sad: I wasn't aware of the hygiene issue, it's not like it's a bathing suit or underwear? Just curious as to why won't LV repair it even for a fee?
  14. ^It's because it's not able to be fixed. The plastic is poured/molded, so they can't really glue it back together or fill in cracks or anything due to how it's made.
    I've made resin pieces myself and once they break, that's pretty much the end of them since they essentially shatter.
  15. Hello,
    I have a bracelet that I love to death (buy clothes to match it!) but managed to put a big scratch in it by rubbing it across a door hinge accidentally. I was quite gutted.
    I have heard that they will break if dropped onto tiled floors.

    I have decided that it is meant to be worn and so that is what I will do!