calling all Horn necklace owners/lovers

  1. I have one but I dont know what to do with it (besides the obvious long around the neck) and creative ideas for taking it apart .............using it in different ways??? TIA
  2. I loop mine twice around, the shorter part acts as a choker, the longer part hangs just to the base of my lungs.

    You could wear it as a belt as well.

    I assume you are talking about the Liao or Lena necklace as there are other horn pendants out there.

  3. mine is graduated from small to big --dont know what the style is called
  4. Please post a picture.
  5. i cant get pix to load on this site--never been able to
  6. Have you tried uploading to a photohosting site like photobucket instead and then just copying the image file over?

    or you could resize the image to make the file size smaller..
  7. no to your first do you resize? is it camera function?
  8. What operating system do you use?

    In windows if you have MS Picture Manager, you can compress the photos there.

    I do find it easier to just upload to Photobucket though.

  9. okay i am going to investigate the photobucket thing--i dont know what we have? i am clueless about this stuff