Calling all Hermes "orange" Birkin lovers

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  1. I am having a dilemma with a Hermes purchase of course. I am thinking of buying either a 30cm Birkin or a 35cm Birkin in that lovely color of orange! But I am a little worried that the 35cm Birkin might be too much of a pop of color. I am 5'2 and my black box 35cm birkin seems to take up a lot of space on me, so will the 35cm orange be too much color. The only problem with the 30cm might be too small, I like to carry a lot in my bags! Any opinions!! Help!
  2. i suggest you check out Potiron. it's a slightly deeper orange and I have it in a JPG shoulder Birkin. The bag gets so many compliments wherever I go. It adds a pop of color without being too eyecatching. good luck!
  3. I have a 35 Kelly in Potiron as well and I'd highly recommend it too. Its still orange but a more neutral soft shade suitable for a large bag.
  4. Well, I would like to say a 30 for you if you go orange. It will give you that great pop of color without being too big.

    Can you post a pic of all the things you NEED to carry in your bag and maybe we can tell you if it would all fit in a 30 etc.
  5. BTW, I do agree if you NEED to go with a 35... potiron would be the way to go and it is gorgeous in togo.
  6. I tried on a 35cm kelly yesterday in orange Togo. I was surprise how muted the orange in Togo was. The orange in chevre was a lot brighter soooo the leather will determine just how bright the orange is.
  7. I actually wouldn't hesitate to do a 35 in Orange Togo - it's slightly more muted than it is in Swift or Chevre and since you already have your 35 Black and like the size, I think you'd love this one as well.
  8. Big orange fan here, I have them both in togo , a kelly 32 & a birkin 30, used to have a 35 in swift, loved the orange in that as well but she has gone to a new home, have ordered a 35 in clemence.....I'm 5'3", I can't get enough of orange!!!!!
  9. I love orange anything. You seem to need the 35, so decide on size first....then pick the color. Have you considered Brique? It's not super orange, kinda of a mix....with some brown/pink. Potiron is probably the best for you. I think the best thing to do is to go to the H boutique and try them all on...just for color's sake. That's what I ususally do as the small accessories are not big enough for me to envision. I usually use the luggage.
  10. Thank you everyone for all your opinions. I am thinking/leaning toward a 35cm Birkin in Potiron, I am going after work to Hermes to see it! I am so excited!:yahoo:I just love the color orange! We shall see how it turns out. But, thanks everyone for their opinion, these decisions seem so difficult at times and only the "TPF" seem to understand!
  11. We are all here to help!!! I love it when tpfrs get what they want!!! :heart: All H bags should have good homes!!
  12. I have a orange birkin 35. I love it. It was my first birkin and a surprise from DH. At first I was a lil shocked by the color but it really goes with everything. I think either color would work for someone who loves orange. Just see which one makes your heart sing
  13. This is my dream bag, so I say go for it! I am the same height and don't think it's too much at all.
  14. I'm around the same height as you, and I love my 35cm Orange Birkin! Like what Fleur says, the colour is surprisingly easy to wear!!

    I had the opportunity to compare the Orange with a Potiron Birkin and Orange is yummier IMO!!
  15. Orange is very yummy. I think that if you love orange get orange. If you want a neutral get a brown or black. The orange really does go with alot of stuff, I think most are just a lil scared of such a bold color.